Where to see Audio in Manhattan

I am going to the big apple this weekend. I am wondering which audio stores that I should try to see. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bob
In Living Stereo, Lyric Hifi....cannot recall any other ones off the top of my head. Stay away from the Stereo Exchange, they have turned into a junk dealer with rooms and rooms of mediocre stereos with unexperienced salesmen.
It also depends on what you are looking for. If you just want to kick tires, you may not get an easy accomodation at all places.

If you want any type of service, skip Sound by Singer. Great product line but the experience leaves a LOT to be desired.
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Innovative Audio, Lyric, Singer, Park Avenue Audio, In Living.

CSA in Upper Montclair, NJ, which is quite close to NYC, is very good.
Hey Y'all,

Having been born and raised in NYC, I whole heartedly agree with Kal. I have not been in an audio shop in five years. Part of it is Audiogon, why bother with paying retail or only getting 10% to 15% off. The other part is the general treatment I would get at any shop I went to. I can't remember not having a bad time in any of the above named shops and, believe me, I've been to all of them, including Toys in the Attic, in White Plains, and The Listening Room, in Scarsdale, which has since closed. If you have to go, just be ready for what is likely to happen.......John
Don't go to Singer unless the owner is there in the front.You'll be brushed off.
Thanks everyone for the names and experiences. If I venture into these stores, I will be forewarned to potential neglect. Bob
I went to NYC about a month and a half ago and went into a few stores. I was not impressed with Stereo Exchange (I'm 95% sure I have that remembered correctly- lots of B&W and McIntosh). Nobody acknowledged me during the 10 minutes that I was in there. Not a receptionist. Not a salesperson. Nobody. Also, I went to In Living Stereo. I had been in there previously with great luck. But, this past visit to them was mediocre. As soon as I told him that I was from out of town, his attitude changed towards me. His eyes were on me like a hawk. I don't mind that he wanted to watch an out-of-towner while looking at expensive stuff, but he could have at least spoken to me and made me feel welcome. They have some really neat stuff that I hadn't seen elsewhere, so it may still be worth a brief visit. I also went to Sound By Singer. This visit went well. I don't think they like people just looking and one may get brushed off (it happened to me on another trip there)if that's what they say they're doing. Your luck may vary. Have fun!!!
You might consider Rhapsody too. They carry some lines not available elsewhere. Friendly & knowledgeable too.

I have had a different experience than Bemoptil123 at Stereo Exchange, unless the store has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. When I was in there, they had lot's of McIntosh, Classe, B&W, Meridian, Jeff Rowland and Sonus gear. The key is some of the rooms are in the back and you usually have to approach a salesperson to take a listen to the real hi-end stuff. I can't remeber the guy's name (A tall white skinny guy) who helped me but he demo-ed everything and was really a nice guy to deal with. Check out their website for more details.
- Visit Stereo Exchange and ask for Les if you are a serious buyer and he will give you great service. He has always taken excellent care of me. Remember, these are retail establishments where people are trying to make a living, not a museum! So if folks go in who are obviously tire kickers, of course they will more than likely get the brush off in any shop, not just a hi-fi shop. -
I had a fantastic visit with Kenny at Sound by Singer. He was a very gracious and knowledgeable host.
I knew the STereo Xchange back in the day... Walls of used ARC preamps, the big ones, a Goldmund Reference set up for play, every variety of odd-ball speaker system, double Quads, big-ole Infinities, etc.
It used to be a mecca for used equipment, and while not bargain -basement priced, Dave was fair. As the store grew, it began to change, and it really isn't about the fringe, or cult audio there at all any more.

He does carry some good lines, and does have some knowledgeable folks (Izzy is good on the video stuff), but it is not a haven for hi-end bargain hunters as it once was.
The best retail 'hi-end' analog type guy I have spoken with in NY since my re-entry into this stuff after a 10 year hiatus, is Josh (I think that's his name) at Highwater Sound. Cool products, great attitude. Alot of the other dealers act like they are doing you a favor.
ears nova. by appointment only. www.earsnova.com

stereo exchange, ask for Les or Anthony.
There is also Lyric Hi-Fi and Park Avenue Audio.
Innovative Audio is another one. They have Wilson speakers.

harvey electronics, OK, but not my favorite as far the selection of 2ch equipment is concerend.