Which speaker is best with Naim

I have a Naim AV2 pre-pro and a (gain-matched) Naim Nait5i as my electronics and I'm totally sold on them. I'm also ninety percent sold on my Linn Ninkas, which have great agility and can handle jazz as well as a big movie soundtrack. The one thing they could do better is soundstage.

Recently I started asking around about speakers under $2k (new or used) that were good at soundstage, and I got many impressive recommendations, but most of them were tricky loads and wouldn't sound good with my scrappy little Nait. Nevertheless, I seem to have winnowed the field down to a set of five or six finalists to try up against my Ninkas (some of which *are* tricky loads, anyway), and so now I'm looking for the best prospective match with my Naim gear.

The nominees are:

Reference 3A De Capo
Salk Song Tower
Joseph Audio RM7si-mkII or RM-22si
Something by Totem
Something by Meadowlark

...a dark horse is the Audio Physic Virgo-II's, which come very highly recommended, but I am not impressed with the highs from the Spark-IIII's, which makes me gun-shy about getting another pair of A-P's.

The musical range begins with Jazz and stays there for a long time, but the winning speakers should also be able to rock from time to time and will remain part of an eventual 5.1 HT system.

My front end is an Arcam FMJ-CD23, the interconnects are Belden 95259 coax with Cardas plugs, made by Blue Jeans, the speaker wire is cross-connected coaxial made by Element, the room is 8 feet across by 15-6 long, poured concrete and cindar block. The available footprint for each speaker is no bigger than the Ninkas, about seven inches across by twelve or fourteen inches deep.

Any reactions are greatly appreciated.
My Naim setup (CD5i and Nait 5i) is driving Harbeth monitors (the little HL-P3s, in a room smaller than yours). The Harbeths have been a revelation and a great match with Naim -- I suggest you check out the Harbeth line. The Naims also partnered well with Spendors -- British harmony?
Neat's little Petite monkey coffin is something of a classic partner for Naim electronics. Neat's traditional excellence in timing and pacing complement Naim very well, and the Petite's ribbon tweeter gives them sweet and detailed treble. The Petite's 5" woofer won't shake your room but what bass the speaker has is well - controlled. Imaging and soundstaging is very good too.
I know its not on your list but Triangle and ERA both worked quite well at my local dealer's shop. Surprisingly the Triangle/Naim combo wasn't bright but was very musical and fast with great PRAT. The ERA/Naim combo was also very musical with great bass. Just thought I'd chime in with my two sense.
Red Rose Monitors or the Tonian Acoustic monitors mate well with Naim Electronics

if you're looking for speed dynamics and prat both of these speakers will deliver these attributes in spades
Robdoorack, what about the Neat Motive-I's or Motive-II's, any experience there? I have no preference when it comes to floorstanding vs. sub/sat, but I've been told in other forums to check out the Motives and there's a pair for sale right here in the 'gon right now.
First, soundstage is never going to be maximum potential with the Nait. Naim has other fish to fry, the taste of which you know and love. Second, the narrowness of your room precludes full potential of soundstaging characteristics. I'm not familiar with your Ninkas, but, because of the above, you may find that changing speakers doesn't appreciably increase your soundstage enjoyment. That said, I've used ProAc speakers with Naim electronics for many years with wonderful results. There's a used pair of D15s on Audiogon now for $2K, though their footprint may be a mite wide for your specification. The 1sc and Tablette 50 Signature both do a startling disappearing act and, to my ears, are better than the newer Reference Tablettes. Unfortunately, they don't turn up used often. In fact, in the case of the Tab Sigs (truly magical little devils), they virtually never show up.
Yes, great point Birdies -- I definitely wouldn't want to sacrifice the PRAT for better sound stage. I guess what I should have said is, "Which of these, or some other, will sound like Naim electronics *and* do a slightly better job of soundstage than what I have now?"

I'm thrilled with all the responses, by the way, both in here and elsewhere: I'm getting my first glimpse at any number of brands I've never heard of before, including DeVore, Triangle, Meadowlark, Joseph Audio, and Reference 3A.

Trianglezerius, which pair of Triangles should I be listening to in my price point with my musical palette?
I really like the Naim/Neat combination. After hearing a pair of the Neat Motive 2's driven by a Nait 5i, I'm convinced they were made for each other. The Motive 2's have a nice open, relaxed sound that goes well with any type of music.
Theraiguy, have your Motive-2's ever bottomed? Because of an earlier experience I am *totally* paranoid about investing a lot of time and energy into choosing a new pair of speakers, and then compromising their sonic integrity -- permanently -- in the first listening session. The Neats seem to have a relatively low max-spl, and I do like to rock-out from time to time.
I haven't heard any of the newer Neat speakers like the Motives so I can't really offer an opinion about them. My experience with Neat has been with the Petite (2 versions), Mystique, and Elite. Based on having heard 4 models I'd say that there definitely is a Neat "house sound," so I'd guess that the newer Neats have the same virtues (great PRaT, an open and unforced sound) as the older ones.
A little secret about the Audio Physic offerings is the Spark III's you heard were not designed by Joachim Gerhard. I own the Original Spark (small room HT) and now the Tempo II's, both are pre 2000 production. My ears have never liked the ring radiator tweets in the new AP speakers. They sound a little dark for lack of a better word, compared to the Gerhard designs. I know aluminum is a bad word around here, but I don't hear the ringing that others seem to mention here about these designs. I've recently read somewhere that Gerhard himself has worked with SEAS longer than most of their employees. Interesting stuff. Cant speak for the Naim gear, but have had great results with all tube integrateds. Good luck!
I used to bleed olive and be in the Naim cult. Loved the stuff. My faves after having owned the Mystiques and Petites (latest versions) were-- the Critiques. I loved that little standmount something fierce and i was a moron to have sold them. I still surf audiogon for a pair regularly.
Something about that midrange and the way the bass just 'locked' with my room-- it was truly special.
Even compared with my favorite Totem model ones-- the baby neats were faster and easier to drive and even almost out-imaged them!!! Scary!
I am sorry-- but i could not stomach for a moment the petite's ribbon tweeter-- it killed me.
I will quote one of the dealers I brought them too for a comparison with linn katans--
"Well David-- of all of the speakers I have heard-- this is certainly (dramatic pause).... one of them."
I've had a flood of responses about my terrible room -- and how I should fix that before I drop a bunch of dough on speakers. So, here's the thing: a fellow audiogon member has a set of four bass traps, sixteen inches in diameter by forty-eight inches tall, for which he wants 580 total. He says he built them to Jon Risch specifications, and that they'd cost 640 each if you bought them new. What does everyone think?