Which Totem Speakers

For a dedicated stereo music system in a room that measures 12' x 14' where the speakers will be roughly 7' apart, 1.5' from the back wall and 9' from the listener, which Totem speakers would you recommend?

The speakers will be powered by a Linn 4200 (4 x 200W) power amp.
Depends on budget and music taste. My room is that size and I have the Model One's and have been very, very happy. With really solid stands and the right matching gear, the Model One's will sound very good and will give you very surprising bass.

Model One's are very fussy about matching gear, I have had Linn, Creek, Classe, Forte, YBA..etc but the best I found for my set-up is the Ayre AX-7e integrated. I am more than pleased with these two together.

I've had the Mani's and they are awesome and can blow you away with it's bass, they are the big brothers of the Model One's but I would think you need a bigger room and matching them is even harder than the Model One's. It's not a cheap set-up in any way to get the most out of them.

Have not heard the forrest but I believe the newer Totem models are more forgiving in matching up gear. Compared to the orig. Mani's & Model One designs that need serious high quality juice to make them sing.

I'm always out listening to lot's of new gear but still can't imagine getting rid of my Model One's & Ayre AX-7e. I am very happy with this set-up.
My room size and speaker distances are very similar to what you describe (though I sit closer than 9 feet away). I'm enjoying Forests in what another audiophile describes as "near field" listening.
There's a certain magic (combination of imaging and musicality) the Arros possess that just about no speaker, regardless of price, can match. Not sure why, but I've yet to pick up a pair, even though I always remind myself to.

That being said, many prefer some of the larger models in the lineup.
I have the Forests in a slightly larger room. The distance apart and from the back wall is similar to yours, however, I am sitting about 15 feet away which is too far back and takes away from the imaging. Sitting 9 feet away in your case (and when I pull a chair into the middle of the room), makes the Forests sound outstanding.
I would concur with the Forests (disclaimer - I've got a pair for sale currently). They are wonderful speakers, seem to do everything well. I have also heard Totem's other floor standers, all impressive.
Do you have a local Totem dealer? No substitute for your own ears.. and electronics and room.

I own a pair of Totem Arro floorstanders that I use at the end of an all Naim system. I am simply thrilled with my setup. For the first time, I have no urge to upgrade at this time. I listen to music like crazy- I no longer focus on my system, but rather, just the music.

I was surprised to hear the differences between the speakers in the Totem lineup. At least to my ears, each speaker had a different personality. I found the Arros to be quite special.

Good luck w/ your choice.

-- JBGood
Check out the Sttaf. It's a wonderful inexpensive loudspeaker. Also, I heard the Tabu at a Stereophile show in New York and thought it was a contender for Best Sound of Show.
For your room specifications, I would definitely have a listen to the Arros and if you can afford it, pair them up with the Dreamcatcher sub. This combination is awesome. They blend in seamlessly while providing almost full range sound.