Who in the North New Jersey area. to set up and dial in turntable?

Guys- who in the north jersey/NY area would you rec. I hire  to dial in the table, arm and cart-  As a newbee I just want to use a pro to be sure-thks
John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ.  Go to his store and benefit from the trip.  He's absolutely amazing.
JerryG and String- have no axe to grind re Mr. Rutan, but are you suggesting that the OP take his turntable to the dealers and schlep it home with the expectation that the 'set-up' done in store will be sufficient? Obviously, if Audio Connection makes house calls, that's another matter. I'm not raising this to foist MTrei on the OP or shill for anybody; more interested in your thinking on this. I do think there are fine degrees of dialing in that really can only happen on site. 
I highly recommend Michael Trei he set up my SG2, later replaced the tonearm and set up a new cartridge.
Whart....yes...  If you want John to come to your house, I'm sure that could be arranged.   If the object is to get the turntable done right, and if Arizona is too far away for Me to do it, then John is the man to get it done. 
How far North?  Audio Nexus in Summit New Jersey knows how to do great set up's.
guys thanks for the responses- Newbee question- I just bought a Reed 3P 12 inch arm with a Lyra Etna cart. that was prof. set up on the same turntable (firebird) that I have- I am picking it up tomorrow intact so I assume (or not) that if I just mount it on my table that it should be good to go since it was set up on the exact same table- Is this a fair assumption- again thks for the help!!
Do you have a stylus pressure gauge and the protractor for the arm, at a minimum? I don’t know enough about the Reed arm to advise on specific set up issues peculiar to it, but you want to make sure you’ve got overhang and alignment in the arm (zenith) correct. Azimuth can be adjusted with an instrument later, and VTA/SRA as well (though you could start neutral and adjust up or down by ear in the meantime). Again, I don’t know the arm, so perhaps somebody with knowledge can advise on specifics, but you want to get the basic parameters in place even if you are not getting everything perfect. (That often takes a while even with all the right instruments and some experience). In short, I don't think taking a pre-mounted (with cartridge) arm from one table and mounting to another (even if the same table) assures correct basic set up without checking some of these parameters.
 Hi-How do I get a hold of Mike Trei- and does anyone know roughly he charges for a setup- thks
I've been to all the high fi guys around....AudioConnection is the very best by far.  Certainly worth the phone call (at least) to explore
I'm going on memory, but I think Mike may have been $400. That was for a checkup, not setting up a table from scratch. He did drive over 150 miles to get to my house, which may have had a bearing on that price.
Hi - I'm in Ft Lee,and offer professional setup services, either carry in or on-site. Feel free to contact me at hyendaudio@gmail.com for details.


Whart and Stringreen,
Hey Bill I finally made it to Arizona,still unpacking.
Stringreen ,I 'm still in the set up stage amps ,speakers and phono.
Jeffrey Catalano  always set up or tweeked my phono.
Now that I'm in Arizona I dont have Jeffrey any longer.
If needed can I call upon you ???

Good for you, GEG! I'm in NY right now, but hankering to get back to Texas. Welcome to your new home- that's exciting. 
Thank you !!!
I'm down in Queen Creek.
Just got my Bedroom and Dining room delivered today .
I expect to turn on the system tomorrow .
Hopefully all will be okay .
Either way your invited for a listen
Horning Horns 
TW Acoustic TT
Tron Syren Pre
deHavilland 845 amps
and about 1000 Jazz, Classical and Rock Lps from the 50's,60's and 70's  along with some  good wine and booze .
Perfect setting for a northeastern get together

Whoops, My apologies to Fluffers.
Sorry I was so excited to find an analog member here in Arizona that I jumped right in.
Bill,much warmer out this way but I miss NY,
Fluffers, I am told  Mike Trei is an expert.He was mentioned to me by Scot Markwell ex TAS set up guy.
I'm sure John Rutan is top notch  or you may want to call Hart Hushens.
Hart owned Audio Advancements and now makes his own Turntables and tonearms.
Good luck and again my apologies 
No worries- glad you are enjoying the warm weather!!- I hooked up with mike and am having him come over- Will let you guys know when it is done- thanks as always for the advice!!!
Joshua at scienceofsightandsound.com  He is in the Princeton area. One of the best there is at setting up turntables....
If that is the same Joshua who used to be with Savant Audio, he worked on my MasterSound Reference 845 amp and the service was top notch, I couldn't recommend he more. I did not realize he also set up turntables.
Update- Could not hook up with  Mike- So joshua at science of sight and sound is coming over tonight to dial in the table and also dial in the room- Has anyone used him for room calibration??- thanks
@fluffers - I would be interested to hear of the results with Joshua. Please let us know. Thanks,