Why I'm going to CanJam Socal

Hi Everyone!
I had a mediocre experience at THE Show, but I'm still going to CanJam. I'm seriously hoping I can listen in more ideal situations.

I'm looking for IEM's or sealed cans this time. In the past some of the best sound I've heard from cans have come from:
  • Pono (yeah, long gone)
  • Woo Audio
  • Hifiman
I am seriously on the fence about Audeze. They do not do it for me. I'm also looking to finally replace my Shure E4s, possibly with Fiio FH5s.

What are your thoughts??
What's your price range, sound preference, and use case (commute, work, home, travel)?
I'm looking for IEM's in the $350 max range. If I can find better cheaper. Same for sealed over the ear cans for work.

I'm also going to look for heapdhone amps, but mainly to listen. I want to see if I can recreate the magic I heard from Woo amps ages ago, and also get a listen to the Ayre Codex and anything else.
The truth is while I like headphones, I hardly listen except at work, and for that I really need sealed or IEM's with intrinsic noise blocking.
For $300 I really like my Massdrop Plus with a balanced cable. Pretty good isolation and comfort too. https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-plus-universal-iemsFor similar money some people like the Fiio FH5 or FA7 but I wasn't impressed by their sound although I like and have their Q5 dac/amp. BGVP DM6, Moondrop Kanas Pro, Tanchjim Oxygen always come up in sub $300 IEM discussions. If you can find a used Ibasso IT04 I've heard good things.
The only headphones I own are the closed back Mackie MC-250 which are a good value at $99. Under $300 are Audio Technica ATH-MX50, Beyerdynamic DT770, Meze 99 Neo/Classic
The highest rated IEMs in the $350 and under range at least according to Head-Fi’s big review threads seem to be the Periodic Audio Be and the Etymotic ER4XR. If you are open to open-backs, then iSine 10/20 are very well reviewed.
The MD Plus is considered a more "fun" and bassier version of the ER4XR. Haven't heard much about the PA Be on Head-Fi, SBAF, etc. and lower ranked on crinacle's IEM ranking list FWIWhttps://crinacle.com/ranking-list/
I’m no expert whenit comes to headphones but I do have a pair of periodic audio be iem’s.  I also have a drogonfly red dac and jitterbug... the dac/jitterbug/attachment is a pita though as far as how big and unruly the combo is.

I listened to a bunch of different headphones at can jam rmaf 3 years ago and felt like the periodic audio be’s were the best for the $. Dan, the owner, is an awesome guy and has great customer service.  If you have any warranty issues he’s great to work with.

Zreviews on you tube is probably a good source for iem info.

if I were you, I’d probably just find out whats the best iem’s at or below $100, plug them into your phone, stream tidal and be done with it.  I’ve tried to get into listening to a nice headphone setup at work and it never worked out for me; work was always too distracting!
I looked around at Periodic Audio’s site. Lots of plots, but the waterfall shows a lot of ringing around 5kHz for their designs.

I have no way of comparing this to other IEM’s, but it’s curious. Do listeners feel they have lots of "air" ??