Will a more resolving CDP improve my system?

Hi. I have a fairly decent system that I have built up recently-Soliloquy 6.3 speakers, Conrad-Johnson PV10a preamp and MF-2200 amp, and an Arcam CD73T. I was looking to maybe purchase a nicer CDP (like a Consonance Reference 2.2) that was more resolving, with better detail. But, I am wondering-will a more improved CDP make much of a difference in my system? Or, is it too low-end to benefit much from an improved CDP? Everyone I hear raving about high-end CDP's seem to have high-end parts elsewhwere-my system's value at retail is about $7K. Should I spend another $500 on a CDP, or elsewhere (preamp is the next obvious upgrade, as is upgrading the amp with current parts). I live in a remote area and don't have the luxury of taking units home and demoing them. Thanks!

In my experience, the CJ PV10a is a very lush, warm preamp that sacrifices detail for warmth and richness. From a detail perspective, my sense is that it is the preamp that's the limiting factor here, and a more resolving CD player won't necessarily translate into the same degree of detail in the end.

It's just something to think about, anyway.

IMHO you are at a point in time when you should make a serious commitment to finding a pre-amp that is tonally neutral, well balanced, revealing, and yet retain liquidity. This is a component that you should be able to live with for many years. Once you have done that you will have the platform for judging and selecting all of your other components. Don't try to cheap out on this item - it will pay off in the long run (believe it or not, I'm running with a 20+ year old pre-amp thats still competitive and sought after today!) CJ has some nice highend preamps (used) that could fit the bill, as could many others.

While its true the pre-amp may be limiting your system, there is no doubt a high resolution cdp will still improve your system. In my experience speakers are always first in importance and the source (i.e cdp, turntable, etc) is second.

Good luck!

Chiho, I'm going to take a different approach. I too have the Soliloquy 6.3's, a wonderful , underrated speaker. Like Newbee I'm using older gear that was built in the 70's that sounds wonderful. What don't you like about the sound of your system? I've spent the same amount as you on my rig and just don't have the itch to change yet. Actually, if someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would spend this much on a 2 channel system I would have told them to put me in a straightjacket! They say that the source is the limiting factor but I have found that cables, room tweaks, isolation or coupling and so many other factors play a part in what you hear. Sometimes for a lot less than new equipment. All I'm saying is keep an open mind and enjoy what you have. Good luck in your adventure.
One way to test if the preamp is limiting the resolution of your system is to try connecting the RCA outputs of the Arcam directly to the power amp. Of course you will have no volume control, but if you select the right piece of music you will get an idea.

If you play Bolero, which starts off at a very low level, and have the remote handy, pinky on the "Stop" button, you'll get some way through the piece before you have to stop. Try it that way and with the pre-amp in place.

I secnd Metralla's advice. Play the quiet piece WITH a pre FIRST and check out how long the low volume lasts. If you do not have Bolero, find another piece of music that increases in volume very gradually.
Generally yes. I think there is a general misconception that within a tight budget you skimp on the the source when it should be last think you do so: if the source signal doesn't start out right, doesn't matter what you do at the end of the chain, logically speaking
the Belero test is well known and very effective. The totally transparent sound will shock you. You may not be prepared for the results, good or bad!
Chiho, the pv10 is as described above, lush, warm, full-bodied on the bottom end which gives the system a pleasant musical presentation. I had one for years. More resolution will definitely come from an upgrade in the pre, however...more resolution may expose something else like your CDP? Not familiar with yours. What has worked very well for me is a smooth, warmer, digital frontend, very analog-like IMO driving more resolving components with reference wire. It has taken me a while to get the system to a level that for me is incredible but it's there. My philosophy right or wrong is this, I listen exclusively to redbook CD's. My player, Meridian 200/263 has always played this format at a very high level, since 1993, until the software improves I am happy getting the same excellent sound out of my hardware and improve things downstream.
The Soliloquys are great speakers. They have a built in tonality.The Sols smooth things over just a bit. Nothing wrong with that on bad recordings though. But if you want more resolving sound. Pickup a passive preamp.This will allow to hear other changes in the system better IMHO.These aren't that expensive if you go no frills. This way you can figure out which way to go from there safely without blowing woofers out!LOL