will a ps audio 600 power a krell kav 250 and ead tm 500?

curious if a p600 will power the amps above as well as my source components (pre, cd, dvd, sat)

PS line is great for source components. power amplifier will not get enough power and will lack dynamics. the best power tweak for power amp is dedicated wall socket.
Sean says it all & Marakanetz explains it. I just happened to listen to a similar set-up -- hence the post. Even the regular wall socket (not the one you have yr ps600 on -- another one) will do better.

I have a Krell 300S into a P1200 @ 220V, and 2-250a/3's into a P600 for surround channels only. My surrounds are not pushed as hard as a front 2 channel. Of course I can trip the power on either one, but if I listened at that level I might as well own a mass market system because my ears would be shot. I have stated before in these forums that my all Krell (KRC-HR, 300S, KPS20i) is less fatiguing and more musical/enjoyable to listen to which is what this hobby is all about in the first place. I do plug the power plants into their own dedicated outlets also. If you were curious enough you could get a P600 for a 30 day trial and also ask Paul @ PS Audio about the power consumption. Good luck and keep enjoying the music!!!!!
Bazmataz is talking about running SEVEN channels of amplification along with an array or source components off of a supply that is capable of appr FIVE amps continuous !!! The turn on surge of the amps alone would be stressful to the PS unit in the long run.

NONE of the PS units are designed to be used with "good sized" amplifiers along with an assortment of low level components. I can see the 1200 being used with a "reasonable" power amp and sources, but that is about it. Since the 1200 is capable of about 10 amps continuous, you are talking about having only 2/3 the capability of a standard wall outlet available from it.

You MIGHT be able to do this if the amps were Class D "switchers" or something with VERY low bias, but even then, i don't think it would be enough for the power levels that he is talking about. Since Class D can run at appr 90% efficiency, the EAD alone would be pulling 450 watts by itself IF it were that efficient ( which it surely is NOT ). We are not even thinking about what it would take to run the Krell if he was "pumpin' it up".....

As such, I can't see it working with GOOD sonics or reliability by any stretch of the imagination with the equipment that he has listed. Only thing that i can say is that he better have VERY efficient loudspeakers or listen at low level if he wants it to either last or sound reasonable.

My theory is that you should add up all of the MAXIMUM wattage / current draws on all of the components that you intend to run and see what the total is. If you can't supply at LEAST that amount long term, you need more lines or a larger power supply. Anything else may tend to limit the system under dynamic or continuous high level operation. Remember, a standard wall outlet is rated for appr 1800 watts at FULL output. This does not take into account line sag or distortion.

I would suggest contacting Paul at the PS Audio Power Forum over on the Asylum to hear his take on the subject before investing any money. While i'm SURE that Paul would LOVE to sell you a PS 600, i don't think that he would recommend running all of the above mentioned gear off of it. Sean
Sean is correct, and I was not noticing the EAD TM 500 also as a 5 channel amp to be powered off a single P600. That is why I also am stating that I have a P1200 to assist a P600. I will note that I run a Pioneer 710 HDTV with my 300S on the P1200, but it is critical that I turn my amp on first because of the maximum power draw. I also never play a movie quite as loud as an audio only performance so it doesn't approach the limit of the P1200. I do have to operate things in sequence which is also stated in the PS Audio owners manual. I also consulted with Paul which is adviseable.
hi all and thanks for the responses...
first i am powering only five channels right now. they include b&w nautilus 804s htm2 center and 805 rears. sources are primarily a lex dc1 pre and sat recevier - i rarely use dvd. also res audio 50 cd plyr. my listening tendencies favor home theater, and yes i like to crank it up (even tho i know audiophiles cringe at the thought) - nothing compares to a good explosion a la Matrix at good volume with earth shattering bass! but i digress...

im looking for a good power solution for my system, as multiple electricians have told me they cant run a dedicated line (master panel full apparently). i dont mind paying for good conditioning, but i want protection and clean power.... ps audio seems like the best product, but i may be stuck shelling out several thousand bucks for it? hmmm. that seems to bad! any more suggestions anyone? thanks! baz...
Baz, try dropping Bob Bundus a line. I think that he ended up running an "auxillary" FUSE box off the mains just for his audio system. This offers a small amount of isolation from the rest of the house while also offering the opportunity to run dedicated lines for analogue and digital gear and heavier lines for the amps. Doing this and using a P300 strictly for the low level components would probably do wonders for you. Just guessing though, as every situation is different. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.... Sean