Wyred DAC-2 vs. PS Audio PWave

Does anyone have experience comparing these two DAC's? I'm deciding between them, having heard neither in person. Even though their price points are a bit off both seem highly regarded. My primary sources would be CD and USB (from macMini).
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I have both of these DACs. I just bought W4S and it has about 100 hours on it. So it's not fully broken in. Compared to the PSA, I notice a deeper sound stage and maybe slightly better microdynamics and tighter base. My listening so far has been through my Sonos>coax>DACS>XLRs>BAT VK32SE>Bryston>14BSST2>Kimber 8TC>Selah Audio Visionarios.

I would use it solely as a DAC for now (with an Aaron preamp and Amp), but like the idea it could be it's own preamp in the future should I break it off to it's own system.
Would love to hear the progression on the comparison between the PS and the Wyred2 is. I am building another system thinking about what to do maybe use this dac. What Transports are people using?