Xmas gift suggestions

My brother has been putting together a nice little system and I would like to get him something to help out this Christmas. My budget is a few hunderd dollars.

His system includes:

Paradigm Studio 40 monitors on stands
Primaire A30 amp
Primaire Pre 30
Trigon Phono Pre
Champion 2 Turntable
Riga 300 tonearm
Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge
Siltech IC's & speaker wires
Dedicated circuits with hospital grade outlets

Any ideas?
Well, you could get him a good AC cord for his preamp... but a few hunnerd buck would buy a nice choice of music from one of the vinyl sellers, too.
Does he have a dust cover for the turntable? There are nice acryllic ones available that should fit in your price range, if he has a dust problem. Also, a record cleaning machine, if he has a good-sized record collection--that would be a great gift, I got my brother one years ago and he's still thanking me to this day. I hesitate to recommend tweaks because they are really a matter of personal taste. If he's thinking of getting into digital (you don't list one in his equipment), perhaps an inexpensive but decent CD or SACD player?
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Does he have a Digital scale for the cartridge or maybe a few room treatments if in a non (WAF) room and there always the gift certificate to his favorite music store.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I know he has a nice record cleaner, I'll look into the dust cover (I don't know if he has one or not) and I know he purchased some power cords and interconnects recently but I'm not sure where he is at in that department (what he has and what he needs) Also, he just bought a pretty big collection of albums off of a guy at his office and he complains that he still has a lot of vinyl to clean and listen to so I am not sure this is the way to go. I have done this in the past as well and hope to mix it up this year.

He's always been a hardcore analog guy but he is beginning to consider a cd player. He mentioned the Rega Apollo so I think that is out of my price range. Perhaps he would be better with a lower end model that responds well to upgrading?

He also said he wants to upgrade speaker cable but that seems to be too subjective and too expensive...
Also, perhaps some accessories like a carbon fiber record cleaning brush, a Zerostat or the even more effective Walker Audio Talisman (leaving aside its supposed demagnetizing properties, it is the best de-staticizer I've ever had), record or stylus cleaning fluids?
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This will take a different bent, but why don't you just ask him? Tell him what you'd like to do, what your budget is, and ask him exactly what he wants. "This year, for Christmas, I'd like to get you some high end audio equipment. I have a few hundred dollars, and would like to know what you'd like for your system."

If your budget won't pay for something he's interested in upgrading, he can apply your funds towards something more expensive.

Finally, a gift certificate for music is ALWAYS right on the mark.
Get him some K-Works Isofeet for under his turntable, preamp and amp. You'll be amazed with the effect that great isolation has on his system. Once you hear it you'll be asking for Isofeet for your birthday. Contact Igor K. at: gorkuz@yahoo.com Happy Holidays