You know you've been thinking about speaker placement too much when...

It was awful. Returned home from a trip with the ex and the kids - which is bad enough on its own - and was looking forward to putting on some music for my friend. He, his wife and kids had also been on the trip. 

Went to find my copy of John Lee Hooker's '"That's where it's at". When I came back to the listening room, music was already playing. Most certainly a 'WTF' moment. Not only that, all the furniture had been rearranged, the entire stereo had been moved around. I mean everything! Looked at the walls and they had been painted. Right, they were being done while I was away. Except, they had been painted several times, over and over again. I could tell because it looked as though they had tried multiple colors and didn't like the results. Another WTF moment. That means my system had been moved about several times. Went to the TT to check on the cartridge and make sure nothing had been physically damaged.

The room was getting brighter, and I was starting to feel really uncomfortable, hot, sweaty - not good.

Took a minute or two before I realized this had all been a terrible anxiety dream. 

Wonder what will happen when I have some actual problems in life...
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Only thing worse will be when you get home and find it really did happen, it was the post that you imagined. Sorry.
Never a bad thing to be on a trip with your kids. Ex, yes, kids no. But, to the nightmare... might require professional help!

I'd be more concerned about your mind allowing you to go on a trip with your ex... than that of speaker placement.  
My fear is that someone will burglarize my home while I’m gone, and with it my stereo equipment.  I read the local on-line community bulletin board and see that neighbors have their cars broken into for the spare change or their sheds broken into to steal their lawnmower, and I always hurry to get packages inside before anyone sees what it is (imagine my dismay when my tower loudspeakers were dropped off in my driveway without so much as a knock on the door to let me know they came!).   Not that I live in a bad neighborhood, but this stuff happens everywhere now.  I’m sure if visitors’ children were running toy cars or crayons over my equipment, that would get on my nerves too.  I just hope I don’t start dreaming about it.

All true!

No repeat, thankfully.

All I have to do now, is remove all those pesky clown mice from the insides of my speakers, and I can leave this nightmare behind.

Reminds me of an old Steven Wright joke:

"Someone broke into my house and replaced everything with an exact duplicate."

I wonder if it would sound the same...