You wouldn t believe it s good, but...

What CD (or album) have you recently purchased that is darn good music, despite the band's name/reputation? I just purchased a-ha's Minor Earth, Major Sky. Very good indeed. It has an edge to it and great melodies. Very funky, too. So, help your ol' pal Brad find some more unexpected good music...
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo and The Bill Evans Trio, Waltz for Debbie. Enjoy!
Madonna's Music = addictive... (Normally do not like her stuff, this CD I just can't put away)
It's not a new CD but I just bought it and I wouldn't consider it to be hard to believe it;s good but Cassandra Wilson's New Moon Daughter is really good. The warm lush sounds of this womans voice is infectious to say the least. This particular album she sounds like a more soulful Diana Krall mixed with a little Tracy Chapman and a sprinkle of Sarah Mclachlan. The mixes are awesome and her haunting voice is warm and eary. The album was released in 1995 and has made it to my reference stack of discs.

Must hear!! Must Have!
Ooops! One you might not believe is good but it is..Hmmm. I give my vote to a group called Naturally Seven. They are an Acappella Group that makes instrumental sounds with their mouths while singing multi-part harmonies. Track#10 is my favorite on this album. You can find more groups like them on Check it out.
Not unexpectedly good but great nonetheless. Two CDs Chris Speed "emit" and Cong Vu "pure"
Not out of the mainstream, but I only recently discovered Holly Cole's music. I especially like her CD "Temptation". On some tracks there is a very haunting, and smokey quality to her voice, and accompaniemt is spare, so her voice stands out. I would even use this CD as a reference of sorts. The recording is excellent also. Cheers. Craig.
Fairfield Four - Standing In The Safety Zone: gospel group that kicks butt! A MUST have.

Very unexpected. Bought it in 1994 and was shocked!!!
Alright. I wanted to put this up last week, but never had time. Bday0000 gave me forum to say that the new Daft punk CD 'Discovery' has some of the greatest tracks in the inventive electronic music. 4 tracks in the beginning has some great electric guitar (YES, guiter) riffs that will put heavy metal rock to shame. 9 th track ' something about us' is very addictive ballad song, sung thru guitar voice box(?). Remaining tracks are standard fare, but still uniquely arrange dance tracks that has enough variations, notes not to become same old same old.Tire Guy, you would enjoy this CD. Particularly if you like Basement Jaxx.
Hey Liguy, not meaning to nit-pick, but why on earth would anyone NOT expect Bill Evans' "Waltz For Debbie" to be anything but brilliant? Just curious.
Frogman, Have most Bill Evan's stuff and "Waltz for Debbie" is my absolute favorite. When I saw the poster ask for suggestions I immediately thought of Bill Evans hoping that the poster would give it a try and enjoy it as much as do I.
Martice, bravo on your selection of Casandra Wilson. My favorite is "Blue Light Til Dawn" (Blue Note D101577 if you don't have it). Frogman, if you are watching and you don't have this one I would highly recommend it. I think you would like it.
Liguy, thanks for the tip; I'll check it out. Here's one for you , if you don't have it already: Stan Getz "The Bill Evans Sessions", some of my favorite Evans on record, not to mention the great Getz. Was also paired as a reissue on Verve with the also wonderful Chick Corea sessions.