Your Future System, within reach

What might be, or definetly will be your future system. Not a 'dream come true" but something truly within reach say in the next few yrs?
I've got my sights set on an upgrade in new speakers to the Tyler 3 ways, called Systems 2. My hopeful amp will be the Jadis DA60.
cdp, no future upgrades likely.
And what are some of your plans in the next 2 or 3 yrs?
right now i'm concentrating all my efforts on my 2-channel system. i've got a pair of von schweikert dB99 enroute right now. a pair of supratek malbec monoblocks on order (??? delivery date). i'm slowly purchasing new cabling as funds allow. maybe around summer or fall of 2007, i'll put in an order for a supratek cabernet. within the next 2-3 years i intend to update / solidify my home theater with a new screen, subwoofer, and multichannel amp. after that?
I am not so sure if equipment will change (it most likely will) but for now I want to get my room right, and hopefully a dedicated room at some point, I feel as if my equipment although humble has not shown its true potential untill I can correct the room it is in.
System 1:
HT1 by Jim Salk
ACI Maestro 15" sealed sub
Butler 2250 Hybrid Amp
Minimax Phono Pre w/NOS tubes
Modded wired Squeeze Box 2 or 3
I'm not sure yet how I'm going to afford them, but a Walker Prosceniuum Gold TT/arm and the EMM Labs combo are on my list. I had the pleasure of an extended audition of that TT yesterday, and it is everything its admirers say it is and then some.
Well, I may be blind in one ear...and can't hear out of the other, but...It would take mega-thousands to significantly upgrade from where I'm at now....I'm several thousand short and expect to stay that way right up to the end.

Besides...I would not want my already large goose bumps to pop all over the carpet.

We met at Lloyd's place a couple of months ago when he hosted NJAS. If you are interested in logging some more time in listening to the Proscenium Gold TT, you are more than welcome to come to my home to listen. I am not TOO far from you in NJ.

If you decide to "pull the trigger" - you will never regret the decision and will never look back. I have been living with mine since the end of March and still am learning of it's amazing ability to pull information out of the grooves.
Slipknot: I thought that was you. While I thought the system sounded too bright for my tastes that day, I was interested enough by the table to pay Lloyd a return visit yesterday, and I got to hear that table demonstrated properly. I was afraid you and Rush would be encouraging me to do this! Thank you for the kind offer--since my wife's family is in the Riverton/Palmyra and Medford areas, and we go to visit fairly often, I might be able to take you up on it!
Currently own Maggie 3.6r speakers, Levinson 334 amp, ARC LS15 preamp with NOS tubes, Meridian 504 tuner, Audio Magic XXX power conditioner, awaiting delivery of APL3910 CD player, have Silversmith Silver ICs, Harmonix Studio Master powercords, and Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables. Would like to get a Lamm M1.2 (or 2.2) amp (used), possibly a Supratek Sauvignon preamp, and upgrade speaker cables to Pranawire or Kubala Sosna. I know I might be dreaming. Realistically, I will upgrade the speaker cables and possibly have the Maggies tweaked.
In the next 12 to 18 months I will have the all of the Audio Research Reference items. That would be:

Reference 3 preamp (or Ref 4 if it is out by then)

PH-7 phono preamp

Reference CD-7

...if a local set of Infinity IRS V or Genesis 201 comes available at an irresistable price, I'd probably jump on them too.
Depends on what you feel the biggest breakthroughs have been. For me the Avalon Eidolon speaker system was the last gotta have it breakthrough product. Magico systems could be pushing the envelope though.

Recently: Richard Foster's article in the back of issue 45 of Hi>Fi+ shows a great deal of promise for digital media. He remarks briefly on his hearing a sample of 352.8kHz of DXD in an extremely well voiced in room at Bert van dr Wolf's Northstar Consult studio (

On the analog side the development of the magnetically driven (spindled) turntables may be a worthwhile advancement over my ridiculously inexpensive Well Tempered/home brew suspension setup.