Zu Soul Superfly

I just ordered a pair of the new Zu speakers on a whim. I was going to wait for information, but the fact that they threw in the free superfly upgrades to the first 30 people got me.

From a similar thread it sounds like some of you guys have heard the speaker despite information only being released today. I'm wondering what you can share about it?

Also, I am really hoping it works with a Firstwatt F1 amplifier. Can anyone comment as to that? I know the Druid's and Essences worked OK.
Superfly's on the way! All because of u guys. Never heard of them until I came across this thread. Dam u guys!
I didn't want to speak too soon and announce landing on a setup that was "perfection" for my tastes, but I've given it a few weeks now and the desire to amp roll is done.

For the guys who tuned into my amplifier rolling adventures, I have finally settled on a pair of Shuguang S845 MK monoblocks driven by a Shindo Auriege-L preamplifier.

Shindo/845/Zu is one deeply musical, beautiful combination!
My 60 days with the Superfly will be up on the 18th of March. Been interesting so far. They're on the back of Naim pre/power and the break in had been slow but steady up until last week. Prior to that they were powerful; lacking a little detail at the very top end; lovely at low volume and the vocals were what I can best describe as distant. They sat very much behind the sound stage and were a little cuppy. Doubtless some of this was because my dealer plonked 'em down; spiked them up and advised to leave well alone to burn in before attempting to position them.

Early decision was that they were keepers without a shadow of a doubt.

Last Sunday/Monday vocals began to come very much on song and detail began to ooze through in large quantities. Then, the decorator arrived!!!

Fairly confident he's not destroyed anything but fair to say that bass power has all but disappeared. This is being attributed to a signIficant drop in temperature. Had some bass back Friday but lacking again today. Have been lacking some upper mids all the way through, possibly as the spikes were set quite high.

So, thought this was the moment to lower the spikes to see if I could re-ignite the burn-in and the bass and maybe up the upper mids. Unfortunately, if I lower the spikes as recommended by Zu there ain't enough thread for the nuts so I've left them be. However, after 5 days I'm beginning to want some actual bass back. Decorator had done by Wednesday so temperature has been normal again since Thursday. Can't believe how much bass I've lost. Unlistenable on occasions. Shrill and horrid.

Anyone else had similar with Zu burn in? I mean it's a quite dramatic loss. There is bass there but it's like a large radio on occasions.
Well, I've had mine for approx. 6 weeks. Plenty of bass. No issues like you mention. Wonder if something happened to the Grewe loading?
Would definately call Zu to discuss.
Sorry couldn't be more help