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Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
absolutely should be a great match 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
I’d look hard at a used Aurender ACS10 which has a built in ripper and sounds great. Excellent build and the operating program is great. It’s an elegant solution if it fits your bill but it will need to be used to be near budget.  
Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
i’ve had both and have a high regard for them. jeff is a brilliant designer and a great guy to boot. His gear is beyond reproach in all respects. Regardless I have been fortunate enough to have a Corus/625s2 duo and a luxman c-900u/m-900u in the s... 
10 Audio Cable Myths and Facts
the cable debate is a fun topic bc some people get really worked up, generally more so in the there’s no difference camp. that’s fine. don’t we all wish it were so? however it’s not by a long shot. unfortunately(for me) i’ve been a cable guy for a... 
MSB vs dCS Bartok
imo if you could get into a bartok without too much pain i’d do it without hesitation. it’s a great long term purchase. dcs strongly recommends using the onboard digital volume control but i remain a little skeptical. the bartok is universally pra... 
New Krell K-300i Class A iBias Integrated Changes!
i’ve not heard it but reviews have been 100% positive. If you get the all black front it looks quite good. their financial health has to be suffering along with many other audio companies. If they tanked I have no doubt that you could find service... 
MSB vs dCS Bartok
what other brands does the dealer carry?  
what's the point?
too bad OP is deluded. don’t we wish it was so.if a cheap amp is all one needs think of all the money left to buy all the other components that sound the same. except the speakers of course.  
MSB vs dCS Bartok
rfc. is the unit returnable or exchangeable?  
MSB vs dCS Bartok
4. do NOT count on it sounding better going direct. i’ve personally never found that i would be happy long term with that. there’s always some intangible element missing that makes music special. imho 
MSB vs dCS Bartok
i’m very sorry for your plight. i’ve definitely been there. suggestions from a long((very) time gear trading audionut.1. don’t judge for a couple of weeks2. if you’re still not happy i would suggest NOT pouring more money into it. if you don’t lik... 
jimfinn... love over gold conclusively proves that redbook can compete with anything. i think the perceived limitations of redbook are directly the result of poor production. the guys producing the recordings are no different than you and i. many ... 
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
i wouldn’t overlook audience.  
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Agostino S250Agostino Progression integrated ampLuxman C-900uJRDG 625 s2all used with Wilson Yvette’s 
Best Preamp round $8000
fwiw i owned a ML 326s and an ARC Ref 3 back a few years ago and just couldn’t shake the fact that the ARC was like an empty box compared to the ML and i felt that the ML sounded better. also the construction and operating software were as good as...