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Best Preamp round $8000
a used luxman c-900u might fall into your price range. it’s awesome all aroundi also like the ml 523 and 526 very much but would still look for the luxman. 
new D’Agostino progression impressions
the embarrassed comment had to do with feeling foolish for selling the Luxman units. Could have been set forever plus the US rep Jeff Sigmund is over the top nice. my enthusiasm for the dag doesn’t diminish the Luxman gear at all. I was relieved t... 
new D’Agostino progression impressions
Excellent question. You would think that manufacturers of expensive audio gear are at least considering more economical pricing given the situation. They will have to in order to survive. No one saw this tsunami coming.Last thing, my comparison to... 
Revel’s Sound Signature
IMO the Salon 2 is a buy and keep for a long time. It really is an outstanding loudspeaker and can be found used in the 10-12k range. I’ll never forget a Jeff Rowland demo with Salon 2’s that simply blew my socks off.  
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
The measurements may not be impressive but the Dartzeel sound is. It’s coveted for that reason.  
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
well put 
Luxman d-08u vs berkeley reference 2 dac
personally i wouldn’t sell the berkeley. i’ve had one in my system and thought it superb. don’t know if you can upgrade to series 3 but even so i’m sure the cost is brutal. you’ve got a really high end machine and it’s paid for. someday i hope to ... 
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
FWIW a CTH 8550 just came up for sale on usaudiomart. it won’t last long. One thing to note is that it’s really designed to be used single ended for best results.  
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
at a good used price(under12k) i would buy the dart and never look back. a truly great designer whose products will outlive us all. i’m sorry but i can’t consider PSA in the same universe. IMO 
Reasonable integrated amp for Magico A3
ML 585 used will set you back 6-7k and you’ll be set. Has high quality dac built in. Glowing reviews and you’ll be shocked that you can purchase this level of integrated amp for this price. It’s a beauty. FWIW 
Which DAC as a preamp?
just never worked for me without a pre. that said the mytek manhattan has an analog pre and is a very good dac.  
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
I can’t imagine what corners were cut on the Bartok. Weighs a ton and it’s universally raved about. If one feels that the Bartok has corners cut the Rossini is there for 10k more. I think the Rossini has a more sophisticated power supply and a mor... 
Luxman m-900u owners - quick question
to answer question above in my opinion you do not have to use only the c900u with the m900u. the m900u is transparent with no coloration that i can detect in my system. just be sure to not diminish its abilities with a weak front end as the Luxman... 
Luxman m-900u owners - quick question
a truly great amp. if you can afford a c900u you’ll never look back. please don’t use a dac direct into this amp. just doesn’t sound comparable imo. and please don’t consider a mac pre with this amp. it deserved better.  
Audioquest Hurricane vs Cardas Clear Beyond vs Audience SX power cables
I too found the hurricane on the warm side of neutral. just needs to be used in the right spot.