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Funny thing happened on the way to Google
I can’t afford a whole house of Magnepans but I do use them as area rugs.  
Streamer vs. new mac mini for 2 channel system
@CalvinandhobbesI did the exact same thing with the same result (though with different hardware). Easy and cheap upgrade for sure. 
Does music give you longevity?
If you listen while exercising then yes. If you listen while holding down a BarcaLounger, probably not. In both cases music enriches my life for sure. 
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
"This forum…..first answer:  absolutely no problem.   Second answer: oh my god no. Third answer: perhaps yes perhaps no.  Unbelievable."New to the internet? ; ) 
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
My deep seeded neurosis won’t allow me to do that. I would lay in bed staring at the ceiling. But for normal, well adjusted people it’s no issue what so ever. Only issue I can think of would be value when it’s time to sell. All the best. 
Who are GenX'ers music icons?
Though not my favorites the X icons are the grunge bands. Nirvana sort of defines the whole movement, plus Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. That being said REM defined the whole college band thing and are hugely influential and one of... 
PS Audio Sunlight Firmware
If I can find my darn SD card I’ll do the update too. Thanks for posting. 
What Amplifiers Have You Heard In Your System and What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep
Krell KAV250- I tried to convince myself I liked this amp.Parasound HC something - not my thing.BAT VK250 - good amp but I found it a tad on the dark side.Forte Model 4 - great little amp. Wish I still had it.Mark Levinson 331.5 - a friend let me ... 
Looking for a New Amp to Try, Integrated? Power?
Don’t be fooled by the yamaha’s 100 watt rating. I owned the AS3000 for years and one thing I never encountered was limited dynamic capabilities. Expensive yes, but what a nice integrated. I knew I would regret selling it. 
I love my Hales T5’s but what about Magico A3 or Vandersteen?
Years ago I had a pair of Hales T5’s that I refinished in a beach veneer, speaking of refurbished. Loved those speakers. The last amp I used with them was a Pass Labs x250. Even with the grunt of the pass I never felt like I was getting the dynami... 
Do you care about car audio?
When I had my VW GTI’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s I changed stereos and speakers quite often. With those cars it was actually quite easy to do. My current car is just too complicated and difficult to do myself anymore. I have an infinity syst... 
Do you have a "Music" Friend?
I sure do. One of my best friends for decades has the same bug I do. We always go to Axpona together as well. To top it off we have the same musical tastes. Makes it a lot of fun! Bourbon always finds a way to join us as well. 
What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?
Include clear, in focus pictures. Not three blurry pictures of the same angle. If a picture is blurry, don’t use it. Simple retake it. 
Long power cable for subwoofer
You’ll be just fine with the Monoprice 14 gage, 15 foot power cord. I’m using that exact cable and length for one of my subs as well. It was like 10 bucks. 
Searching for a Integrated Amp under $2K
You might consider a BAT VK300x. If you’re willing to buy used you might find one around $2k.