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Please Educate Me
paul6001: “I’m not willing (at this point, anyway) to trade decorating for sound. And I can’t imagine that there’s any other way to diffract or absorb the sound, short of hanging curtains in front of them, which sorta defeats the principle. Sugges... 
Please Educate Me
If you feel the questions require time consuming or difficult response there is a very simple solution; don't respond. We as Audiogon members are not forced to respond to every question that pops up on this forum. Sort of takes care of that issue.... 
Which integrated amp to match with 803 D3
Not sure of the presentation you’re after but I would love to hear those speakers with a Gryphon Diablo 120 integrated. Used you can get one in your price range. 
Do I expect too much?
Feldmen4: “my 19-year-old says it’s because I listen too loud but that is whole other string”I find that hysterical. When my daughter was a teen she would often come down into the music yelling “the music is too damn loud.” Every time it made me t... 
Replacement for 802 D3s
If you’re not that crazy about the 802 d3’s sound I think you will be less happy with the Personas. Fine speakers but probably not what you’re looking for. Of the speakers you mention the Harbeth’s will move you in a different direction than the b... 
Canine Listeners?
Not a dog but a good buddy of mine has a cat that listens in the sweet spot. When he turns the stereo off he goes right back over to his bed/basket. It’s the craziest thing. 
Please Educate Me
Paul6001, I Totally get what you’re saying. For example why doesn’t the introduction of some special silver wire make a computer compute differently, or make Microsoft Excel more Excely? No clue why digital in and of itself for audio can have a so... 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
If you’re starting down the tube path for the first time I recommend the Primaluna products already mentioned. They are autobiasing and pretty bullet proof. Each power tube will trip a protection circuit instead of blowing a resister like some tub... 
Iso-Puck Question
audiodwebe, it sounds like the best match would be the iso-acoustics OREA Indigos. That would be $180 for three with each supporting 16 pounds. I’m using those under my DAC and GAIA’s under the speakers. Great devices. If you can swing the $180 I’... 
Upgraded X-over for Buchardt S400?
Whitestix, a good buddy of mine has the S300 and it’s pretty stunning what those relatively small speakers can do. Haven’t heard the S400’s except at Axpona a couple of years ago but I couldn’t get a real feel for them there. That being said I hav... 
The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)
Sejodiren. I sure tried. I “attempted” to play the trombone in the 5th grade. My band instructor pulled me aside and said a musical instrument may not be for everyone. I’m scarred to this day. 
Is room size considered when they design speakers?
So no. Your response is no. Keep “crafting” pal. 
Is room size considered when they design speakers?
millercarbon, have you ever considered useful responses? 
Help me understand better solutions for ethernet
I had 75’ of Ethernet from the router to the stereo room which went to the bridge of my PS Audio Directstream Jr. I never thought anything of it and in fact I always assumed an Ethernet connection was better than WiFi. The DSJ has no WiFi capabili... 
This website has become S-L-O-W
I notice it with iOS too.