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Experience with Intona USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Isolator
I have an intona. It is one of a very few devices that really improved the sound of my system. More resolution with very smooth highs. It did not effect dynamics at all. I would recommend since it is very lite in weight that you place a heavy obje... 
Digital Formats
I played around with DSD for a while using the Mytek stereo 192 dac. Felt there was really no advantage in sound comparing DSD to redbook except the DSD files were expensive. I sold the Mytek and got an Audionote 2.1b dac and found an Audionote tr... 
New Tube Amp Use EQ or not
It depends on how much music is hurting your ears. If it is just an occasional cd I would leave things alone. But if it is a consistent problem that really annoys you then try the EQ. Sometimes an interconnect change can solve the problemAlan 
SACD with LFD/ Harbeth
See if you can find a Sony 5400ESIn general I have always liked the cd layer of SACD's better than the SACD layer. Just my opinionAlan 
Best DAC for pcm files
Audio-GD Master 7 $2400 new. This is a R2R ladder dac which can be set to non over sampling. Does not do DSD. 24/192 is the highest. I have had a bunch of dacs but this is the best I have ever heardAlan 
I am sick of Adele
She is a terrific singer and also writes excellent songs. One of the few pop singers that I actually enjoyAlan 
Are DACs superior to top-graded regular CD Players
Remember if you choose a dac you need something to feed it, such as a computer or transport or streaming device. Those devices also have a big influence on the sound. It seems most design work is going towards dacs and not cd players. The reason f... 
What's a contender to an Audio Reference 5 SE?
A preamp that totally changed the sound of my system to the feel of real music was the Shindo Auriges. This is there entry model and they have a bunch of preamps that our really specialAlan 
What music do you use to audition equipment/cables
Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" or :Love over Gold"Alan 
How often do you upgrade your turntable?
I have had 4 tables in 50 years. Changed when I saw a table I had to have 
Vintage DACs. Do they hold up over time?
Hold up? Do you mean quality of sound compared to modern dacs or will they keep working?Alan 
Advice re the use of OTL amps vs others
Talk to Atmasphere. I think 30 watts from an OTL may not be enough Alan 
tube vs SS my own little test
I have had many tube power amps and never had one that didn't sound great after 10-15 minutes. If the amp you brought home had not been played in a long time it may need more breakin. My David Berning ZH-270 tube amps sound perfect right from a co... 
Has anyone used an Audioquest Jitterbug?
I have 2 Jitterbugs in my system. Slight improvement in sound. Very slight. Regen gives greater improvement. Alan 
What direction with new DAC?
I love ladder dacs. The best dac I have heard is the Audio-GD Master 7 dac. $2400 * parallel 1704UK ladder chips. This dac does up to 24/192 No DSD. Withthis dac you will never miss DSDAlan