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Regen by Uptone Audio
If your sure the glare is coming from your digital playback it might help. Can't tell until you try it. But glare could be coming from another source and it won't help that. The Regen will improve your overall soundAlan 
I will ask a dumb question on power conditioners
"DC sinewave " No such thingIt converts it to dc and then takes the dc and creates a sinewave 
TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???
NoneTried Pass and OdesseyAlan 
Regen by Uptone Audio
Just got mine yesterday. This device really works. In my system the reach out and touch the artist illusion is really enhanced and I thought it was as good as it could be. I also halve an Audioquest jitterbug comingThe Regen has been talked up on ... 
Computer Audio..Stream or download?
Install Tidal on your PC. Then run a USB cable from your PC to your dac. You should be good Alan 
Computer Audio..Stream or download?
To really see what streaming can do you must try Tidal. CD quality streaming. If you like classical you can try Classicsonline from Naxos. They stream up to 24/192. I don't buy downloads any more and don't really care for DSD. I use a Metrum Hex D... 
Computer Upgrade
Kijanki,Do some research on packet noise and you will see that reclocking is not the perfect answer. It helps if the clock is really stable but that can vary even in real expensive dacs. The Uptone Audio Regen is a device design to reduce packet n... 
Computer Upgrade
Asynchronous USB sounds like it should solve all the problems but it really doesn't. The reclocking inside a dac creates packet noise which creates jitter which can effect the sound. My Metrum Hex is asynchronous but the choice of the source compu... 
Computer Upgrade
I do a lot of streaming over WiFi with Tidal and Classicsonline. When I had a Lenova PC running Windows 8.1 I had nothing but trouble. Constant dropouts, stoppages and sometines I could not even login. I then bought a MacBook Pro running Yosemite ... 
SPL - Pro Audio Blasphemy?
As far as I know most gear for use in the US runs on 120V rails unless I am missing something. When I worked in the recording studio most of my stuff at home was so called pro gear. My current system which is not called pro gear but High End Audio... 
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
I don't understand the problem with a family plan. Once you have a password you can log onto any computer. Unless you are talking about multipul people listening to different music at the same time.I don't know what would happen if you logged into... 
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
I also love Tidal and agree with everything you say. I also stream from Clssicsonline which streams classical music up to 24/192. A great site for classical music lovers. It is created by NaxosAlan 
I have a Shindo Auriges preamp with phono stage. It is the best preamp I have ever owned and I have owned a bunchAlan 
Which computer for digitizing and streaming?
Ihave been streaming Tidal and classics online over WiFi. With a Lenova PC I had nothing but trouble. With a Mac Pro everything works perfect. If you are going to connect your router to the streaming device with an eithrtnet cable both should work... 
Bang for the buck DAC
Teredac Chamelion16 Chip NOS dac $500Alan