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Seeking opinions on Clearaudio vs. SOTA tables
Good question. I really don't know the improvement of the full Innovation Wood over the Compact. You may need to talk to a dealer or Musical Surroundings (MS). MS people are easy to deal with. I do know that you can upgrade from the full Innovatio... 
Seeking opinions on Clearaudio vs. SOTA tables
I own Clearaudio tables. The one I have now is the second one. I owned the first one for almost ten years. I believe every brand has its own characters (house sound). Clearaudio is always clean, detailed, transparent, airy, fast, and lively soundi... 
German "plug and play" turntable
You meant Clearaudio Concept which is about $1,400 though. 
Seeking opinions on Clearaudio vs. SOTA tables
Clearaudio is famous for clean, detailed, and lively sound with good pace and rhythm. I think a Koetsu cart will do well with the Innovation Compact. 
The Trouble with Cartridge Recommendations
If I understand your statement correctly, I believe VTA and VTF have nothing to do with compatibility. You adjust them to fine tune the sound you like once you installed the cartridge. 
The Trouble with Cartridge Recommendations
I would find out the cartridge weight (plus headhsell and screws weight if available), the effective mass of the tonearm, and the cartridge compliance number. With this information, I then refer to a cartridge/tonearm compatibility chart (you can ... 
Help with Cartridge Alignment
I have a Fozgometer for azimuth adjustment. It works very well for me. I use it as a great start and then I still listen to familiar records to make sure things are right. It is right on every time. Do you have a dealer close enough you may borrow... 
Thiel CS7.2 upgrade kit--any interest in buying?
I suggest you sell it here in Audiogon. I guess you meant your dad wanted to upgrade his CS7 speakers to CS7.2. I believe there are CS7 owners out there who want to upgrade. 
VPI traveller vs Project rm5.1 vs second hand VPI?
Have you looked into the Clearaudio Concept turntable? It got good reviews and is in your price range. I have been using Clearaudio tables for many years and they last.I had Project Xpression and Rega P5 for my small room. I like the P5 better. I ... 
Cartridge loading
Your cartridge has internal ohm of 38. Normally 10 times the internal ohm would be the ideal setting. So it is 380 ohm in your case. Definitely try 300 ohm setting. 500 ohm (without plug) could be right depending on your system. I generally load h... 
Amp for driving revel salon 2
The Salon2 is very neutral and sensitive to the amps being used. It sounds as good as the amps. The key is to experiment different amps to suit your taste. Bryston 7B SST2 should be fine. Tube amps could be a real challenge. Keep in mind that the ... 
Upgrading cartridge used or new?
When I started this audio hobby years ago, I tried many low end cartridges just to get different flavors. Then the cartridge trade-in programs offered by many brands really helped me.I would trade in my old one for the new one that I want to try. ... 
Phantom II to Supreme Upgrade: Cost?
What I did was sell the old Phantom II and bought the new Supreme. It was quick. Factory upgrade takes a long time unless you want to wait. Phantom at good price sells fairly quickly in Audiogon. 
How much weight can Lead Balloon stand support?
I am still using the lead bars, but use sand to fill the tubes. It is a great turntable stand.Marakanetz,What were you talking about? 
conrad johnson GAT vs ACT 2 series 2
Not sure if this is too late. I had the original ACT2, ACT2.2 and then the current GAT. The ACT2 back then was the most neutral preamp I had ever owned. It was smooth, quiet, and with good detail, great micro dynamic, and big soundstage. Nothing s...