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New KEF R11 META : The Real Giant Killers !
No they are not.    
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Even with a manufacturer with a stellar reputation there is the room size, acoustics and supporting system to match with. Not easy to do if you have demanding preferences.      
Crossing Left and Right Speakers
does the reversed image sound the same if the amps are non-reversed and you turn your head away from the speakers?   
Superconducting speakers, are they on the way? Would you be first?
Not without an amplifier that is .0000000002 ohm stable.    
Crossing Left and Right Speakers
There sound should be no different other than reversing the channels of the recorded output left to right and vice versa.  Unless- 1) Something was inadvertently wired out of phase.  2) The room acoustics affect the sound of the left and right ... 
Who to trust when buying vintage ss ?
There are some reputable online dealers that do very good refurbishing of vintage units- but at a very steep cost IMHO that is not as competitive as buying new.  I went the vintage route and every piece I bought needed work.  Buy from a local cr... 
Best amplifier for low to moderate listening levels
The Pass Labs XA30.8 and other Class A amplifiers are distinctly a low volume sound quality leader- most likely because of the Class A topology.  Spectacular.  The Parasound JC5 is also very good for low volume listening,   Also depends on the q... 
Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?
Try to save more $ and look for a used Rogue Audio RP-5.  A huge difference from the others being mentioned.    
The best speaker cables you’ve had
A local dealer uses Nordost exclusively - makes every system sound better than they should,.  I use Kimber 12TC, bi extended, clear and refined,  perfect for my system.    
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
It already has, with mixed results. Chinese online dealers offer McIntosh MC275 clones for less than a third of the cost of the original. Many people love the sound and at a price much easier to afford. Then there are the number of $1k tube integr... 
Burn in vs perception
A topic hotter than a cables and cones thread.   If you haven't heard distinct changes in the sound of audio hardware from new to maturity you haven't purchased enough new hardware.    
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
I recently did a week's test with the Orchard Audio Starkrimson amp with upgraded caps and power supply ($3500 retail).   I really liked it !  The headline is speed and microdynamics as if to reveal notes and timing in the music that were probabl... 
My Medium List of Amplifiers and my Personal Review of Each !
  Amplifier Update- out Parasound A21+, In Orchard Audio Starkrimson (review) and McIntosh MC312. [Supporting system- Cary SLP-05 Preamp, Spendor D7.2 Speakers)] The Parasound A21+ was a revert back to dec... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
seems as if you answered your own question and the premise is based on preference.   like many things- it's complicated.  each amplification method has its set of pros and cons.  to say which is better requires a lot of qualification.      
Cronus Magnum II and power switch
I had that happen once on my CM II.  Did you try to unplug from the wall and then test?  That fixed it on mine and it never happened again.