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Info, please, on power cord burn-in
hdm is right ,go get the grey plug that converts 3 prong to 2 prong,at walmart i think it still cost .59 cent,file the 2 prongs down till they fit into your iec,hook it up to frig ,or faster results get a 1500 watt space heater,run it a week ,and ... 
How to isolate culprit in buzzing speakers?
get acheater plg ..they are gray and plug it to the cord going to the wall from your p 600 see if it goes ls3 has the ground loop so i lifted ground on can lift ground on the 600 by reading the manual 
AR LS3 preamp sterophile review.....
i have it email me your address and i can send it to you by post office,i have audio review of it to 
PS audio power noise?
fan is not heard during music,i have to get by it to hear it.i put rubber feet under it and you cant really hear it at all...some of them dont have fans at all.when i had the multi wave 1 in it it would get warm ,since i upgraded it to multi wave ... 
Adcom or Creek...which passive sounds best?
i had the modd squad passive here one time and ,after i found short interconnects to run it with it was a buddy that has the adcom and hates it in passive.grab a modd squad there real cheap on here and ebay ,they did make a passive /acti... 
Are Meridian Pre-Amps Awful or Something?
man you got some good gear ,before i would replace my gear ,i would get a new fiancee.teach new one not to ever touch works with my kids 
Materials for absorption panels
go to ebay type in acustic panels..there so cheap in there why build them 
is it time to tara down
serus im not understanding the mirror where do i sit it and what do i look for 
Audio Research LS3 owners....
i have the ls3b and ,the remote was a 500 to 600.00,not many out there with it..the power cord on all ls3 were fixed no iec option ,although i put iec on mine.go to arc web and hit links there is a guy who made up all there stuff it has every thin... 
Upgraded PC for Velodyne DD12
i think you will be alright then with the normal plugs for this..i have the watgate golds on some and the reg watgate,and i cant tell to big of a diff in the sub,maybe in amps or other parts of system ,but not sub ,,should save you money..chris is... 
is it time to tara down
serus where would i get some of it and what walls need it 
is it time to tara down
Adasilvai covered the table with a blanket,did help ,i took my speakers and faced them forward with no toe end,and unhooked my meridian 518 from transport and dac,and it made a world of differ.i think my speakers are to far apart now that they hav... 
Upgraded PC for Velodyne DD12
i made my flavor 4 cord ,alot cheaper and not that bad,once you drill the holes out in the low cost plugs 
is it time to tara down
yea mike been doing pc thing for a while..i have tara labs air on digital and vh audio flaver 4 and 2 running every thing else im going to play with it this week end 
Parasound HCA-3500 to Proceed HPA-2?
do a search on audioasylum and here,about parasound,bob crumped talked alot about this issue,,i sold mine cause i coudnt take it..there is a mod to fix it but i didnt do it