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Am I missing something?
Tice Clock owners are all going to say, "Told ya!!!!"Not really. 
Avalon Isis
That depends upon what your definition of Isis, isis. Bill 
Sweet Neo-Con
Uh-oh!!! Bono is going to be sooooo jealous!!!!!! Cat fight!!!! meow-meow.... 
Under the Boardwalk
The Undertones, from the album Hypnotised (Released on 18th April, 1980). I thought they had written it until suddenly my Dad began to sing along!!!!! 
Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500
Robert, I listen to similar music through my Alon Petites. Check out their new monitors.Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
Artist's Best or
Go to and enter these names in the search function. They will suggest Indie artists with similar qualities. You can audition them online for free. I have found some incredible music there.Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
Int tube amp + XLR inputs.
Krell KAV series. 
TDK SA-X or Maxell XLII-S which is best?
Why don't you buy one of each and do a test??? 
Height clearance for a Rega Planet 2000
At least 6 inches for the Original. I wonder what the Extra-Crispy requires? 
Why am I experiencing listener's fatigue?
Monster hts 2000 power bar/conditioner 
$2K-$4K Integrated w/ HT Bypass?
Ditto Krell KAV-400xi. There is a used one on sale here at AudiogoN for $1900 obo.Brad 
Where do you find new music? 
Do you remember your first cd?
Gary Numan - The Fury (1985?)I still have it and still am a fan.Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
Experience emilinating Ground Noise?
Jensen Transformers, Inc., 9304 Deering Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311Toll Free Order Line: (866) 476-6291 Voice: (818) 374-5857 Fax: (818) 374-5856Model VRD-1FF for me. 
Any Colin Hay Fans?
I saw Colin twice here in Atlanta. Once with a huge band and once solo acoustic. He was amazing both times. Less than 100 people were at both shows, total. Stuff like this really makes me hate Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson...Brad Day Atlanta, GA