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Help I have a radio in my tweeter
Well, I have a tweeter in my radio!!!!Wait! They both go great together... 
Optimism in Music.
Anything by Nick Cave. 
Video Monitor Emitting High Pitch Whine
I swapped it out for a 22 inch model. It seems to be updated a little. It does not produce the problem. I wonder what the deal was with the 21 inch one???Anyhoo, thanks!!!!!Brad 
Video Monitor Emitting High Pitch Whine
Avguygeorge, Sounds like a plan. Do you believe that it is a problem with the individual monitor or the product line? In other words, should I try a different brand?Thanks!Brad 
What is the address for: NPR : ALL SONGS CONSIDERED? 
Tube preamp $1500-2000 for a thin sounding amp?
Why keep a "thin sounding amp?" 
Mixed Results from My Hifi
Hmmmmm... It sounds like to me that you are getting mixed results. Have you ever tried getting static results? Please pay the receptionist on your way out. 
cello music 
Alon I woofer cone replacement 
speakers for krell 400xi
I am using Alon I's (now called Nola) and a Rega Planet. The sound is airy, open, with excellent imaging. Brad Atlanta, GA 
The Clever Little Sharp
838 words and not a damn bit of sense... 
A rather funny survey from a research company ....
Looks like you guys killed 'em!!!!!-Thank you for your interest, but our survey has ended!- 
What time do you wear?
Hey, everyone! Be nice. What is your opinion on Baume and Mercier? I am planning to purchase one but I get the feeling that they are frowned upon by most enthusiasts. Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
I don't know where else to post,
Got a flashlight? 
Sources for Independent artists music
I am currently listening to a CD purchased from there!!!! I have many of them.