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The Debate's Not Over
I wasn't aware that I had to choose sides on any of these "debates." I like what I like. Sue me.Although, I wouldn't mind watching 1980's Debbie Harry mud wrestling Bjork. Maybe we couldn't even through Sade somewhere in there too. 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Merry Christmas from Gadsden, Alabama (Back home from Atlanta, GA)!!!!"It's the gift that keeps on giving - the whole year, Clark." 
My tube amp power supply is buzzing away Help
I don't know about that anti-vibration stuff, but PS Audio makes some products to prevent transformer hum (Hum Buster, etc). 
can a power regen. eliminate ground loop hum etc?
His question is: can a power regen. eliminate ground loop hum etc?So, can it???? 
Naming your child after Audio equipment?
So what are the choices your husband has suggested for the manufacturers' name?  
Undiscovered blues gems.....
Check out . I have purchased some excellent Blues CDs there. Waaaaaay too many to mention. You can listen to each Independent artists' CD before you buy. Is there really any other way to know if it suites your taste?Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
Is it bad to stack your equipment
Bad. So bad. 
Best power amp below US $ 20.000,00 ??
Under 20 dollars? I would say that they are all pretty similar at that price range. Now, at 30 dollars things get crazy!!!!! 
Need a Recommendation for Classical Cello...
Thanks, everyone! B 
Problem with AC and how to solve it
Try a PS Audio Humbuster. Worked for me!!!Brad Day Atlanta, GA 
CJ PV-10aL Problem
I had a PV10A that exhibited those symptoms. I tried about 5 different brands of tubes and the problem continued. Finally, I shipped it back to CJ and they replaced the sockets that the tubes are seated in. I don't know if that solved the problem ... 
Anyone spend more on their system than their car?
$0 on my car stereo (Besides software). 
Source for low cost redbook CDs 
Link Wray died
RIP Link. 
Chris Whitley 1960-2005
That is devastating news. I had no idea he was ill (although I had heard of his recent drug problems). His music has been a part of my life for years. RIP Chris.