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I bought another Class D amp and didn't get what I paid for!
What a great thread....... 
My server and Roon Core not getting along ...
I am a owner of a innuos statement. I use the statement as my Roon core. But I also have a Sysnology NAS. When I setup the nas, I had to point Roon to the nas in the setup page of Roon so it would know where to pull files from. In the settings pag... 
Integrated amp for Focal Sopra 2
I had the focal sopra 2’s. Also had a audio research GSI75. This was a pretty great pairing. I see a few gsi75’s on audiogon right now. And right in your price range. 
Innuos statement
Thanks, I will check it out  
Innuos statement
Thyname1-For power cord I am using a shunyata Delta NR. But thinking about upgrading to a Kubala Sosna 15 amp Emotion power cable. Right now using 20 Amp kubala emotion power cords on my amps and preamp. 2-Is the Chord cable you’re mentioning the ... 
Innuos statement
jriggy,.. The unit was just turned on when I first posted.  The unit has been on for a little over 48 hours as of now. And maybe you are right that the changes were a little exaggerated. Today it seems to be smoother. But Better. More open. Having... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Had a pair of B&W 805D that then diamond tweeter had shattered.bought the replacement for $900.00 decided to change out myself. After taking the damaged one out, I set it on the work bench. I opened the box with the new one took it out and set... 
Nagra dillema
I’m sure it’s a great combination. Congratulations on the purchase. Enjoy  
Nagra dillema
Have never heard the jazz, but the nagra classic intergraded amp I have heard. The intergraded amp is absolutely fantastic. Was really impressed with what it did.  The system was nagra hd amps, nagra hd pre amp, nagra tube DAC,  innuos statement, ... 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
Had a schitt YGGDRASIL DAC that I thought was pretty good. Price new is $2500.00Schiit also has a 15 day money back guarantee  
Vimberg has a bookshelf coming out
Going to my local shop to hear the Amea on Saturday. Have read about them for a few months. Looking forward to it  
Focal Kanta Sale
Pretty sure that is a per speaker. Not a pair 
My system is where I want it be and it sounds awesome...
Innuos - New Re-Clocker
Thanks for the update Thyname.  
Audio Research Ref 6 vs Ref 6 SE
Ref6. $15kRe6 se. $17k