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Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
George Benson- White Rabbit  
What responsibility does a seller have to tell a customer an item has been serviced?
if I buy a used piece of gear, it’s mine.  Especially if I got to hear and see it before I bought it. I would not even consider returning it. If I sold a item to a fellow audiogoner, I would expect that they would feel the same way. But I would al... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Mitch Frohman - From daddy with love 
Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!
I have had a Audio Research GSi75 in my house for a little over two weeks. The phono section is wonderful, DAC is really good, and a built in headphone amp. I couldn't be happier with my choice. B&W 804D3 Cambridge Audio 851N StreamerYamaha YP... 
Audio Research GSI75
Audio Research GSI75
Hey,picked up the GSi75 yesterday from a dealer in Ann Arbor Michigan. Wow...truly wonderful experience.  I have Macintosh mc352’s in the basement. And did not expect such clarity difference between the two systems. The phono section is better tha... 
Audio Research GSI75
Was only able to hear the Audio Research VSi75.  But loved it.  I talked to some one at Audio research today who told me if I liked the VSi75, I would love the GSi75.I pick it up tomorrow :) 
Ayre V5-Xe or Jeff Rowland 201 Mono Blocks?
F1wheelswhich did you choose ? 
Unable to load files to Sony HAP-Z1ES thru network
I have a HAPZ1ES and have used windows explorer to transfer music files. I  Have never had a problem. But I have never downloaded a huge file dump. Have never had a problem with any file corruption on the unit. These days I use a external disc dri... 
Cambridge Audio 851N Music player/DAC
Comparison of the 851n and the Benchmark DAC 2 
Recommendations for CD Player/DAC Combo
I use a Cambridge 851n streamer with built in DAC and preamp. Paired with a Cambridge Audio transport. Great combo. This setup is in my vintage system. Pioneer SX-1280, denon DP 62L, B&W 805S.  
What are you streaming tonight?
What are you streaming tonight?
The Roots - Home Grown Beginners guide to understanding (live) 
Cambridge Azur 851C Upsampling DAC, CD Player & Preamplifier
I also have a vintage receiver Pioneer sx-1280. With B&W 805s in one room. And running off the same receiver a pair of B&W 805 D3’s  in another room. The receiver has been completely re capped.  For a turntable I have a Yamaha YP-D71. Also... 
McIntosh (MC601) amplifier overheating problem
I had the same overheating problem with a mc-352.  I have two and run them mono. I bought both used. The unit in question would overheat then shut down.  Then after a few would come back on. While the other would not have any problems with the sam...