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Ortofon Cadenza Black, Sumiko Pearwood, VPI S.M.
Yeah it reviews very well as the "sweet spot" cart, think it will be Black or Bronze after getting some good numbers from a dealer friend. Thanks 
Song With Best Beginning
"I need a lover", John Mellencamps version. 
Cleveland, OH
Hey Brian, Yes Ears and Beers is still active, next event is Aug 17th near Chardon. Have you met Karl, or been to a E&B before? Time has me forgetting who I actually met and who just talked on here. I will not be attending Aug 17 because of f... 
Why does most new music suck?
people who think new music sucks are not exploring music enough, there is plenty out there. 
Voice regognition remote?
Kind of pointless as you have to push a button to start the vooce prompts. 
Audio Kharma website
so Taters this thread is simply becoming (and quickly) as pointless and petty as the site you for some reason think about way too much. 
Audio Kharma website
Live and let live, better than looking like a dbag.Who is smarter the guy who is "blessed" with a taste for finer things in life but not enough cash or the guy who finds pleasure in the affordable and obtainable? I would pick 2, its better than pi... 
Audio Kharma website
This is starting to remind of the preacher who screams about gays right up till one is found in his hotel room. 
Audio Kharma website
Hmmm,I would rather vist a true music lover with a humble vintage rig who had a great music selection over a guy who only plays Diana K and Chesky recordings any chance I got. I understood you Tater up till your last post, at that point you lost m... 
Audio Kharma website
Its not a crime to like old gear or even champion cheaper gear as everyone comes at things differently. The problem is while everyone comes at this hobby differently most on AK lost the fact we are all supposed to come together over loving the mus... 
Solving a 2.0 Toslink problem
I had problems with toslink before from various appliances kicking on. Do you have a power conditioner hooked up? 
Audio Kharma website
Taters is right to point out the abusive attitude over on AK but you also gotta let it go. I was on AK few years back, was subjected to the abuse and foolishly fought back instead of just moving along and let kids enjoy their little lunch table. I... 
Audio Kharma website
AK is really comical stating "no attitude" as they are a wolfpack there, closed off to any message the see as against the majority there. Its fine to have a leaning of vintage but you can not even debate cables or most any premium item without a p... 
What's improved the most?
Speakers get my vote, driver materials and internal bracing and overall cabinet design are the largest gains in audio. The actual music delivery is greater than anything linked in production chain given the addition of digital media from the cd to... 
When did you know you're different?
I understand the thread in that I know as early as pre teen that I was more nerdish about music and attracted to stereo gear to the point I bored others talking about or imagining a great "rack system" (it was the 70's). My fetish with atleast int...