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Dolby "ATMOS" surround sound.....
Uh oh, sounds like marketing dejour. 
How diverse is your musical taste?
So diverse I cant focus long enough to like anything ;) 
Audiogon members poor packing and shipping damage
I have had much more transactions that didnt swap feedback and of hose numeroys deals from delicate tables to 600lb pallet shipped speakers I had only 1 issue and it wasnt end of world. Its clear the vast majority here do a fantastic job and as bu... 
Can center speaker glare affect picture contrast?
It wont be an issue, even if it was place black velvet cloth on top so you get both look you want and a cure for a doubtful issue. 
widespread panic
There is a 5 Album package on Panic's website for $80 all vinyl. If I didnt already have 3of them its a good deal. 
what kind of discount on demo speakers?
Too little is known for me or anyone to really say now that I thought it over. 40% could be dead on or dead wrong. 
widespread panic
Nope as far as I know it was an only vinyl release even brought out on "Record Store day" 2011. Its on its way to me via Ebay as we speak. 
what kind of discount on demo speakers?
You cant expect demo speakers for half off even w small ding. 40% discount is LUCKY. 
Sirius radio quality vs redbook cd player
Sat radio had such promise but its just as repetitive as the worst Iheart or Clear Channel offering and its EVERY station. Too many channels also are sucking the life out of the audio quality. Had it for a couple yrs in very start of its roll out ... 
Pubul57- audiophile, philosopher, and friend
Godspeed, you left too soon. 
Sirius radio quality vs redbook cd player
Slacker radio sounds acceptable plus its fully customizable with creating stations, skipping songs and even fine tuning how dig they deep into a artist or genre. Its a great program. Sound and interface is better than Pandora. 
MoFi Release Meets Expectations FINALLY
Interested In Willie Nelsons Stardust release to see if its a upgrade. 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
Thanks again! 
rip mca, beastie boys rapper
Far more than "Rapper", from Jazz fusion to Rock and Punk the Beastie Boys were both pioneers and true artists. Rest in peace. 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
How do you mean?