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Best Metal Vinyl Album
Testament is a great call, Accepts Blood of the Nations is awesome too. 
Best Metal Vinyl Album
Content quality or sound quality?Content for me would be Black Sabath debuteMetallica Kill em AllI have a hard time narrowing a final pick.Audio quality isnt really an issue, crap production can still make my feet tap just as Patricia Barber can p... 
Selling dispute. Please comment.
What if buyer is a liar just trying to get some unreasonable discount or has buyers remorse? 
How far apart are your speakers
10ft apart, 4ft from back wall, 3ft from sidewalls, 11.5 listening position. 
Multi-Format players of yesteryear, vs. Now
Lexicon RT10 Plays SACD DVDA 2 channel and grwat SD DVD.unless you have a huge display blu is pointless, I have a 98in 1080p projector and blu's premium vs performance still isnt worth it.But this was about music so I will attempt to sray on topic... 
Multi-Format players of yesteryear, vs. Now
Spend $1000 all you want but for $400 it can be bested. 
Multi-Format players of yesteryear, vs. Now
The new Oppo doesnt do 2 channel as well as a Lexicon RT10 that is 10yrs old so dont believe all the hype. 
Tannoy GLENAIR 15 vs DALI HELICON 800 MK2 ?
My good friend has the Glen's and the are great but the just get boring to my ears, I would take the Dali and have heard several.of their offerings over the years. If you go with the Glens tilt the speakers upwards as the stage is too low and dont... 
I find that cleaning used records very difficult
Sounds like a pretty lengthy process though Elizabeth, how much is your time worth because after awhile it adds up. I have never heard albums sound worse after a spin on VPI, have you tried steam? It works great! 
Does mfg's name/model affect your opinion of sound
Ofcourse most here suffer from this, insert cable debate :). 
Local dealer has ESP
Pretty sure every dealer does this to some degree but few are stupid or arrogant enough to say it outloud. I had faith in dealers but that isnt really the case anymore. Service, respect and ones word is remembered long after price is forgotten. 
Why has Avantgarde Quality Slipped ?
Could be a new second user account that is to hide. Searching all threads with keywords may leave clues but I dont care enough to research it. I thinks its an immature web handle and attack either way. 
Good bass test tracks on vinyl
Grace Jones Slave to the rythym digs deep. 
Tall Tower Speakers for $10-14k
Check VMPS! 
lexicon mc-8 vs integra dtr-30.2
Lexicon is a solid sounding pre for music and movies both. Its extremely flexible with tons of adjustments, I have 1 in my home. Cant speak to Integra but a good outboard amp will have you in good shape, ofcourse you know its pre HDMI.