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Anyone in Cincinnati, OH?
And yes Skyline is substandard food, makes Waffle House look good. Thats not easy to do. 
Anyone in Cincinnati, OH?
Eat in Blue Ash or Fairfield area, dont go downtown. I use to be there constantly for business but that was a ways back. 
Best Rock Album in 2012
Blunderbuss gets another vote. The Accept follow up to Blood of the Nations is getting praise aswell, I dont have it yet. Gotye is a great pop album. 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
Will do, thanks for info. Though the click clack sound the amp made (not through speakers it was mechanical) tells me its more than fuse. 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
Hmmm, great info and food for thought. THANKS!I am going to send the planar line array to VMPS for inspection, I talked to Brian yesterday. My largest concern is it always seams to be right channel thus a inspection of the series/parellel or rever... 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
Thanks but yes it has 5 total fuses and all are fine. Nothing stands out as bad upon visual inspection. It knocked loudly then right channel was gone. Cheers 
Stone Temple Pilots - Unplugged
There are bootlegs of the 7 song performance but it was never released in any form audio or video. There are compilations by MTV of certain tracks. 
I think my speakers are killing my amps.
For record Aragon was obviously older amp, my other concern is if amp may be repaired and potential cost. I know its a stab in dark. Thanks 
Cleveland, OH
Ears and Beers is still alive in Cleveland and 75m radius if interested. 
Who listens only to vinyl?
I am not sure one can really be considered to be the truest of music lovers when a vinyl only platform requires one to ignore the vast majority by far of music made in last 20 yrs. I have both and both have strengthes and unarguable weakness, like... 
Looking for a projector for the kids
Used and cheap, used and cheap! Be aware that WII games and XBox motion games and projectors dont mix because the player is between he beam and the screen, super short throw models or rear projection units can ofcourse work for projection but pric... 
ozzy 2011 legacy remasters...
Wasnt there something about drum tracks on those? 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
The entire body of specs (as is important to you and I) is to be considered if you desire the best possible option. If indeed there are models of LCD where black levels are now besting Plasma its new news, great but as noted what about motion? Wha... 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
" My 70" Pioneer/Sharp Elite TV has darker blacks than any plasma I've seen"┬áThat sounds like your opinion.I did do a search and first clip was of it being sold on QVC, they thought it was great but they talk the same way about a Dolly Parton coll...