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When did you know you're different?
Well, I was trying on my mothers bras... Haha 
Amazing sound quality inexpensive earbuds
With stock attached pads (split pads) the sound was flat on bass, shrill on top, the small pads did not fit my ear well enough to really give much serious thought but sound was unremarkable. I even installed other pads that worked great on some Ma... 
Amazing sound quality inexpensive earbuds
I can say it is critical to install the right rubbers for your ears, mine came with the 2 layer rubber installed but after trying all 3 provided the single large pad took bass to entire new level. 
Amazing sound quality inexpensive earbuds
I just got a pair of the 420's from Korea and am burning them in, out of box pretty average. Seems the midrange is there but they need tamed on highs and bass hopefully opens up. For $30 they seem nice so far. 
Youtube, the new radio?
Most anything you could need is on ytube, comedy, music, how to, education, history. Its a great tool. I go there weekly to sample music before I buy, it is also a great tool to view local live acts to see who is who and worth seeing! 
Aragon 4004 channel dead,
Thanks all, it is a MKII btw. Play It Again Sams in Cleveland area estimated $250 for repair, in 10 weeks. 
Aragon 4004 channel dead,
Replacement for Maggie's?
VMPS speakers (tho owner just passed away) offer IMO much of what is enjoyed about Magnepan or other planars but feature dynamic woofers and reputation for great bass. Brian made sort of no nonsense speakers that while modest in cosmetics offer gr... 
Steadywash Platform Washing Machine vibration
Well if idea is to keep vibrations from the gear rack then flip it upside down and place gear on it, surely the home weighs over 240lbs. ;) 
Any experience with mirriored flat screens ?
The reflective issues are multiplied by mirror monitors, beware of lamps, windows and other viewing distractions. Its a tv, embrace it. 
Sota Sapphire arm help?
I have the SOTA Star/Saphire with a Rega 300 arm. I had it rewired, upgraded counter weight and armboard isnt stock but al once was stock. I know we can get crazy on spending but this table with my Dynavector 20L cart is 80 to 85% of my friends SO... 
The truth on low efficiency speakers like B&W?
I can lick my own eyebrows so I went to headphones lately. 600 watts isnt compensation, my 400w amps can shut down during loud complex music on VMPS speakers so 600 could be good if I could afford it. 
Black Keys on CBS Sunday Morning
That was second airing, good breif segment. 
Studio 5s by Michael Green...what are they worth?
1 post and you ask a question of value? Dont help these idiots, tell them to buy the bluebook! As many posts that get yanked its odd this type gets in. 
Is anyone interested some Sonus Faber Amatis?
Reporting this thread to big brother