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Speltz Anti Cables
I have to say that TEKLINE cables are great and they could not be nicer, my particular dealings with them will make me a customer as long as they are there to sell product...just try them and see..I just cant get into all details..but great folks!... 
Best Speaker Placement Rules you've used?
Hi, MY speakers are 7 ft apart, 18 inches from side walls and 1 ft from back wall, I sit about 8 feet away, I can swear that sound is comming from my cente channel, and sometimes it nothers me because I think mids are getting "smeared"I have a sli... 
Biamping from a 5 channel amp?
In regards to earlier post, run your NAD with all channel stero and all levels should work fine 
Any Good In Wall Speakers Available?
My father has the Legacy in walls in a all Legacy theater, they sound very good 
Sunfire Receiver or Separates and Magneplanar Spea
From what I have been hearing, that set-up would not cut it for Home theater, what about looking at Eminent Technology Hybrid Planars? you need more low end for movies then the mags have to offer IMO 
One quick DVD recorder question
I didnt think about that, but all the same, cant you "Archive" from the DVR to VHS? 
Info on Snell Type K
At 4.95, who cares...enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Solid 2-chanel amp to drive rear speakers?
There is a nice Carver TFM35 FOR SALE NOW, I hear good things about that amp aswell. 
One quick DVD recorder question
If you are not using comp video cable for input, you will not be recording true hi-def,SVHS only supports 480Iwich is an interlaced signal (240 Veritical X 240 Horizontal resolution) Hi Def sinals start at 480 P wich is 480 pure lines of horizonta... 
good bass cable $100 new and used value 8ft
Well thats a good idea for me cause im using it just for my low cycles..thanks for the info, and love your gear! I am really thinking about Eminent Technology Hybrid Planars....any thoughts??? thanks Chad 
Solid 2-chanel amp to drive rear speakers?
I have a used parasound amp for my backs, though you never said how much power you need, Rotel, Parasound are both sold at very resonable cost, and since you are just using these for ambient sound mostly...I would not feel the need to go nuts over... 
DVD Player.....I am stumped.....
Thanks but I am still lost. 
What music would you like at your funeral?
Play anything as long as it comes out of one channel and on 8 Track...Ironic ehhh? 
Help with vertical Bi-Amping
Can I use a DUAL AMP BALANCER for this application instead of digging into my speakers? 
Help with vertical Bi-Amping
Thanks for info, if speakers or bi-wired then do you still have to bypass an internal crossover sperating the low and highs is done already from biwirw posts, or am I mistaken?