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speaker with high WAF
maybe just take your wife with you or involve her in the choice, making her apart of it will go along way in making her happy and may flatter her you value her opinion too! 
Best pre-owned subs below $1k?
I have an HSU Reseach 12v down-firing sub that looks like a table aswell, but it is my opinion that in your case a front firing sub may be easier to place, like in a corner "toe-in" a bit....or a few feet in front of speakers on side of room again... 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Music is best (I feel) in 2 channel, but for movies, providing you have good speakers,and Amps all around) in my opinion 2 channel can never,,,NEVER equall the experience of 5.1,6.1,7.1.....true Audiophiles' should come to understand that movies d... 
What sub do "U" use ?
HSU Research 12V, I know there is newer and better, but this sub is tight enough for music and for movies.....hang on to your seat! 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I have had a pair of Teledyne Acoustic Research AR-9 Towers forever and still goin strong after a re-foam 2 yrs ago...these are 20 or so years old. 
Eminent Technology Hybrids
Hey guys, Thanks for all your input, I know that my speakers are old, but I have kinda kept up to pace through my dad listening to his, ADS, Snell, and now his Legacy Focus 20/20's.....I still really like my AR-9's, they are not fatigueing but I w... 
What screen to buy with $1500?????
the XBR WEGA have an edge unmatched by regular WEGA models, the 30 inch wide is about $1400 now, down from $2000 when first introduced. 
Eminent Technology Hybrids
My current speakers are Teledyne Accoustic Reseaech AR-9, yes the OLD original I had them re-foamed 2 yrs ago, I just wonder if the ET8's will sound detailed but "thin" compared to these....any thoughts? 
Would you buy speakers with out first listening ?
I am very close to doing this very thing... after reading and reading...and reading, and emailing owhers of Eminent technology planar hybrids, I am quickly feeling more and more that these might be my speakers, also talking to Bruce there is a ple... 
Eminent Technology Hybrids
wow cool!, well I guess I would like to know as much as possible, bass response, imaging..placement issues, amplifier needs, just how they sound and all that, hope to hear from you... thanks, Chad 
A question to you all........
I will be the one cryin with snot bubbles commin out my nose after I see what I cant afford! 
can i turn full range speakers in to a pair of sub
yea, you want to go down to 80HZ for good sound 
can i turn full range speakers in to a pair of sub
might be hard on your ears as far as timbre using the mid and high, but I dunno enough to say...good luck 
What screen to buy with $1500?????
Some say for critical listening, to cover the front of the screen with a blanket...but by no means should that detail keep you from wanting the best picture you can acheive! P.s. I never cover my TV, I do get some reflections, but it doesnt bother... 
Which high-end receiver?
Upgrade your wife.....HA HA HA JUST KIDDING