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What screen to buy with $1500?????
I have a similar situation as you, and I bouht the Sony wega XBR Trinitron (wide) and we LOVE it! 
Cleveland, OH
I am from Cleve but now live south of Youngstown, I agree about Audiovisions...bought some Rotel and B&W equipment, had a service issue and was talked too like a 2 year old, I had to call Rotel direct to get a person who actually knew what he ... 
Speaker Terminology
If you want cliff notes for speaker and other audio and HTdeinitions go to and look up the dictionary, some of it is basic, but you may learn a few things...cheers 
Replace Coax Cable or not?
If it were me I woulda demanded they replaced all wires when installed unless it was a complex issue, I dont think it could hurt at all to increase those cables. 
Room size
In my opinion and its only an opinion I would be happy with a room that was in the ball-park of 13x25 or bigger, that way if you go into 6.1 or 7.1 you can be 10 feet or so from the fronts and video with a spacious sound field and then you have pl... 
HT gets more and more complicated.
I have been told that DTS is better because it is more subtle, the image is presented in such a fashion that it is harder to place the source or the speaker from where the sound is comming from, it is also said to be more dynamic in general, and i... 
Side speakers?
I saw in one post the mention of THX and it calling for mono-pole speakers, from what I understand only a dipole spaker is truely a THX surround compliant speaker, now you dont need these in the back, it would help but not needed, but for the side... 
What's your profession? Age?
I am 33 and I am a Hearing-Aid model in Rhode Island. 
A/V Receiver Recommendations Under 800.00
I got an Onkyo TXNR 900...full features...good remote, tons of features and built like a tank....mail me if interested Chad 
DTS vs Dolby Digital?
hmmm, more to think about thanks Chad 
Speaker upgrade question...
please explain if you can, i love my speakers and my fiance loves em too, so im really interested in internal modifications..if you got time write me back, I am eager to hear more....thanks Chad 
My grasp on audio gear....
Ha HA, you get the point my friend 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
I have read and read these threads and what a great topic, I have what I can afford and wish for more, I love anything that sounds great to me, I wish more people got it and could appreciate or even acknowledge my efforts and share what I think is... 
another rookie DAC question.....
thank you, yes music 2 channel is what I want to improve on, as far as movies go im running a Rotel RSP1068, and I am pretty happy..thanks again Chad 
one 7 channel amp or seperate 2 channel amps?
Depends on budget, and space, If it were me I would want as much independence as possible so if something needs to be tweaked later you have more options with seperates, but you need the space to put them in also....go with your gut.