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Can you ever go back and be happy?
Jafox, those are not speakers you have, those are walls arent they????????? wow and WOW!Those speakers are better built than a whole trailer park in Alabama, and probably just as hard to move!!! 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
I dont know, but to each his own I guess. In my opinion 2 channel movies might as well be mono, compared to multi-channel for movies, that would be my take on this topic 2 channel movie= Monomulti-channel HT= stereo To me it is that big of a diffr... 
Can you ever go back and be happy?
GREAT IDEA FOR A THREAD!!!!!!!!! I am in serious negotiation with myself about getting into a electro/planar or hybrid model speaker and cant wait to here the posts to come, and to my knowledge although limited has never heard of anyone going back... 
Thoughts about these forums
I think some need to lighten up a bit, everyone learns here, most have a very serious, passionate, and eager to learn attitude, but jokes are ok and nobody should be told what to and what not to say, and no one person should ask that a sight like ... 
Audiogon "Recordings to Die for" a complete summary
This is a great thread for Audiophiles who love music but do not really know alot of great recordings.....great job! 
Perfect Soundtrack for Stylish Sunday Lunch?
P.S. no comercials or DJ'S and no excusing yourself to change the LP/CD, you dont want to be interupted or interupt others to play music, you may seem more interested in music than in them..........we all know its most likely true though, and we w... 
Perfect Soundtrack for Stylish Sunday Lunch?
If you have Cable or Satelite, why not put on "Soundscapes"...great mellow background music 
"Finicky" DVD Players
I will post an old question here, my Samsung HD841 makes a digital kind of gurggled sound, but the picture plays seamlessly, any ideas of why? thanks Chad 
Song intros that really grab you? ?
Emerson Lake and Palmer..."From the begining" Boston "Foreplay/Longtime" Introduction to 2010  
Coping in an Age of Uncertainty
p.s. I do think SACD and DVD Audio are gonna survive if k-mart starts sellin crap boookshelf systems that can read these formats. As long as it can be had cheap, and in a convenient package that any idiot can operate it will survive. 
Coping in an Age of Uncertainty
I see a few people commenting on not wanting to buy a new format because of an extensive RED BOOK library, but hey didnt we all ponder this when RED BOOK came out? wondering if we should replace, Vinyl with 8-Track or reel to reel, then cassette, ... 
Speakers slipping on speaker stands
I second weather and available at your nearest "true value", use that for now to get them stable and tweak later 
Samsung Hd841 or Toshiba 4960 modifications
Please anyone with HD841 mods..let us know please! 
Best Jazz and Rock & Roll HDCD CDs
Steely Dan gets alot of HDCD praise 
Can I bi-wire from my sub woofer?
i dont see a point to Bi-Wire a sub, does it even have mulitple drivers? and if it does arent they both doing the exact same thing???? save your money, spend it on music material instead.