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Where to get good hifi deals
Dude? Take a look around here, what do you think the mission of this site is? Look at classifieds! 
Phantom center channel volume
Doesnt phantom mean its not there? How can you have control of a speaker that isnt even there? I dont really get this one. 
Ground loop hum
I like a debate, love to sprinkle in some controversy when its opinion based. But I think my advice is mostly sound and there is plenty I never offer on simply because I just dont know. I like to make this all fun if even just for me.I do hope the... 
Ground loop hum
Thanks, I think? I think you meant to say opinion. 
Ground loop hum
I use a Monster but not sure if I need it. 
Ground loop hum
If you have cable or sat tv unhook it and see if hum is gone. If it is (and I bet it will be gone) then have your service company fix the earth ground, it will be free. 
My First OverHead Projector
Myself and 4 close friends have bought 7 total units from $2000 to $10,000 used with never any issue. You can have bad luck but the experience has shown me that its not an issue. Just do your homework and trust your gut. Buy used and save some ser... 
My First OverHead Projector
No prob, here if you need help just email. There is learning curve but its not severe. Things like position to lumens but its not brain surgery. 
My First OverHead Projector
Look on at some used offerings then ask if you have questions. 
Which one is better tube tuner or Digital tuner?
Both can be great but are only as good as your antenna and distance from stations you want to hear. My favorite tuner I ever owned was Luxman T117, its digital. 
My First OverHead Projector
Sure can, Panasonic 4000, the Epson 8000 series models and others are full 1080p with multiple HDMI ports that will impress you for sure. Depending on your screen (painted on wall, wall mounted, manual pull down or electric remote pull down) a scr... 
Vandersteen Quatro Crossovers
Jeff, you were waaaay off on this one pal. You have great info many times but this time you are mistaken. As for crossover I suppose you can try what you want but know ideal is O.E.M. parts. 
My First OverHead Projector
Budget please? I have had 3 projectors but it all starts with budget. 
video processing and 3D
Processor needs HDMI 1.4 or just do it as above 
Need help with Rotel 1067 receiver
Email me your phone. Chadnliz2k3@hotmail I have had one for years and can get you going via phone.