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LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
Yes we all know how trustworthy blind tests are, and who wouldnt be convinced by a youtube video from a owner of monitor up for review, no chance for opinion there, thats crazy talk! I suppose your monitor somehow also magically overcame the unive... 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
Cant get around some reflective issues with plasma but its worth the trade off for all thats better about image and motion. 
Help Me Name a New Band
The Baffles 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
So now we are saying get LED cause its "almost as good"? Buy this car, its "almost" as safe. Buy this house its in "almost" good neighborhood. Hey order this heart valve, its "almost" as good. A technology is either best or playing catch up, Plasm... 
Annoying Hum SOLVED
You dont need any added filter if you have a correct earth ground, your provider can fix a faulty ground for free. I have advised on this home issue probably 10 seperate times at minimum, infact again just the other day in this forum. 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
100 hrs sure, that foolish statement of 90 days straight is crazy. There is alot of daylight between 100hrs and over 2000hrs for calibration. Calibration is of questionable value IMO. You can get a disc and trust your eyes to tell you what looks g... 
DTS light not coming on
Perhaps. Does menu have setting for DTS downmix? Verify that is set correct and menu within disc player may need inspection. 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
Bullsh--, pure bullsh--. 
I'm on StereoTimes...
Larry you are always a pleasure to deal with so I look forward to article. 
Ground Cheater plug or....
If you have cable or satelite hooked up on a dual use rig like many here unplug incoming signal wire to box and if hum is gone fix the earth ground, usually company will fix for free. 
LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"
60in panasonic plasma still going strong after 5yrs here. My other 46 plasma over 1 yr hassle free aswell. Best pic, viewing angle and motion is plasma, its just that simple. 
Video Processing: Anthem D2 vs Oppo BDP-95
I use the Anthem but there is so much experimenting and you can let your own eyes decide. For record, I go Oppo via HDMI to Anthem D2V, this isnt opinion, its actual experience. Video is sent to both a 720p Plasma for casual and 1080p projector fo... 
It Might Get Load - documentary
I kinda agree there was no real point to it, a conversation between 3 talents is only interesting if we feel part of it and that there was an ultimate point of it all. It was either too short or poorly thought out because it was just fluff in the ... 
April 19th
Congrats! Cheap wine can fool snobs, put in fancy bottle and watch them rave! 
Cleaning your steam cleaner
If you rinse and run vinegar then bleach then rinse it seemed to help mine. I did it outside for fumes.