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How many albums do you need ?
My father listens from left to right in perfect order and it took him over a decade to listen to around 12,000 or so albums. Is it really worth it? Its great to have lots of music but he listens to on average 3 albums a day and wont see a title ag... 
Classe SSP-800 Reset
My pleasure, thats a big part of why we are here. 
Classe SSP-800 Reset
Power on the unit, and go to the Menu. Using the remote, press F1, F2, F3, F4 in order. This will change the display to a Tech Menu. Select 'Restore Factory Defaults' to reset the unit. If there are programmed settings that need to be saved, choos... 
How do you send an internet stream into a hi fi?
Supercheap way is to get a mini output male headphone to female rca cable then run rca to your stereo. Its cheap to try before you spend more. 
New 12AX7s from Audio Research
I would get matched tubes from Vintage Tubes in Michigan, Great prices and service! I have used him to retube both a Ref 3 pre and Aesthetix Atlas amp with better than factory results. AR checks closely for matched output but you can get a better ... 
Using Internet Coaxial Connection as Tuner Antenna
Quality is an issue but most stations stream over net these days, better than nothing. 
Using Internet Coaxial Connection as Tuner Antenna
The main reason you heard stations at such distance. is because of where you were. Tiffin isnt very far south and Canada broadcasts stations at double the power of USA radio stations. In western Cleveland you can easily pick up 89x out of Windsor ... 
Power Failure on playing music.
Since we cant predict either an outage or danger to any given system just enjoy the ride. Not playing system during wind events and storms is about the xtent of precaution one can take. 
Magnepan 1.7 -- or VMPS RM-30
I had some 1.6 models but no did not use a sub only because didnt have funds but have heard great sound with 1.6 combined with Vandersteen aswell as JL Fathom. Fast subs like these or even Zu Audio can give you 95% of a 20.1 rig at a fraction of c... 
Magnepan 1.7 -- or VMPS RM-30
I run VMPS FF3 SRE speakers with Classe amps, Lexicon RT10 and a tube pre. I owned Magepan aswell as Innersound Electrostats. VMPS for me gave me way better bass that combined the best of dynamics with Planars. I have had my VMPS for 6yrs now with... 
Useful Idiots
Yes, cause this site is all about spelling. By the anal nature of some members here a new member might get confused. 
It Might Get Load - documentary
He is semi talented and calls himself "The Edge" and expects to be called that by the world, it would be pretty easy to blow a guy like that off. Does anyone really think he is so special? 
It Might Get Load - documentary
Its on VH1 Classic (most always found on basic cable) all the time for those who want to see it. 
Phantom center channel volume
Ive just never heard that asked or aware of feature. 
Does listening fatigue go away???
I have a system that most times sounds very good but at times can fargue, maybe its power, maybe mood, its also the recording but its not constant.