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Speakers for live piano performance
The Barbetta keyboard amps sound like studio monitors. In my youth, I actually used them for a hifi system, albeit augmented by a Yorkville sub. The trick to really getting the sound is to use two of them in stereo. I promise you will be satisfied... 
Thinking About a New CD Player
Buconero - in a previous post about the Oppo, you stated that one would have to spend ten grand to better it. Now you say it will better "some units costing $5K and above". What caused you to lower opinion of this unit? 
How tall are your speaker stands
Tall enough to reach the ground. 
Small monitor- made in the states
Check out Fritz speakers. Most definitely a person, although I think he likes Chinese food, if that matters. 
New Rega DAC
I saw the new 9K Rega Isis CD player. That's going to be a tough sell for a company known for decent entry-level digital and a lot of competition from companies with long track records at high-end digital. 
Is an anti-static gun necessary?
I know many people are down on Gruv-Glide, but I think it works great and solves a lot of static and dust problems. I know there are some very experienced audiophiles who don't like it or think it's BS, but I think it's worth a try if you have sta... 
Rickie Lee Jones "Pop Pop"
No, I don't find her voice irritating on that track. Perhaps you're listening too loud? In my experience with many audiophiles, all too many are cranking beyond the linear range of their systems. Not all, but many. 
Sony XA5400ES lack of bass when new?
It appears that your unit may have been defective. Why didn't you return it for another one? 
Music Hall mmf-7 spins faster
Toilet paper. Is there any problem it can't solve? 
Need HELP on Pro-ject Tube Box SE II
They don't come apart. Congrats on getting the tubes out without destroying them altogether. I replaced the stock tubes with Black Sable Tung Sols and got much better results. 
I need help with my Equipment addiction
Trouble is - you haven't yet spent enough money. If you buy a cartridge for say $4000 and you know the next step up is out of the question, you'll be cured, as anything else you buy will be a downgrade, or at lease a sideways move. For example - y... 
Coaching wanted on how to get back into vinyl
I agree with the above post to the extent that you should be aware that not all records, new or used, sound good. I've had great reissues and horrible ones. Same with new or mint copies of original pressings. There's an illusion to some people tha... 
Coaching wanted on how to get back into vinyl
What I did was get myself a Music Hall 5.1 and play with it for a bit, just to see if I really wanted to get involved. I bought new records from Acoustic Sounds and a carbon fiber brush to sweep off the surface dust prior to playing. The table wor... 
How to fill speaker stands
That's why I went with kitty litter. Any moisture in the sand and it becomes impossible to work with. Good luck. 
Skylan stand tweeks
Your posts appear to assume you are somewhat unsatisfied with the sound of the speakers placed directly on the stands. You don't state what the issue is, but usually, people try to isolate speakers from the stands because they're sounding a bit "m...