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Rolling KT150s in Primaluna hp integrated
Reviving an old thread as I’m considering this very upgrade. I notice many reference buying their KT150’s on eBay. Meanwhile Upscale passionately states that their tubes are somehow blessed with a veritable dose of unobtanium and are well worth th... 
Can I connect multiple sources to an external DAC
To over-clarify…you’ll no longer use your preamp to select digital sources. The only source will be your DAC (and your phono preamp if you’re spinning records).  All digital sources will be selected via the DAC.  
Finding (calculating?) speaker and amp impedance
@barts Sorry…I should have been more clear. My wife went to visit her mom this weekend…about 2 hours from his location. She picked up my amp on her way. I married a good woman!  
Finding (calculating?) speaker and amp impedance
@barts I was referred to a gentleman on AudioKarma that specializes in vintage Sansui. He stripped boards, removed all old corrosive glue, completely recapped in addition to countless other parts, extensively tested, adjusted bias, burn-in, more m... 
Finding (calculating?) speaker and amp impedance
Good timing for this topic. Using a pair of Focal Aria 936’s with a PL HP Integrated and all is good. But…I just had my 45 year old Sansui AU-717 fully restored and it’s in transit as I type this. Per Stereophile’s review, these speakers drop to a... 
Want to add vinyl to my system.
@mijostyn You posted something I’ve never heard before….VPI and Linn are junk. Obviously I find this surprising considering their overwhelming market success and my own experience. Care to explain your rationale for such a statement?  
Favourite Guitarists
Tommy Emanuel.   
Favourite Guitarists
There’s Joe Pass at number 1.    Far below that there’s all those other guys at numbers 2+.   
Bluetooth vs Turntable Recommendations
BluSound Node. Under $500 and will be better than you imagined possible. Do a search.  
Totally Ridiculous....Auditions on YouTube!
Always been a pet peeve of mine regarding high end audio. Lots of discussion about hearing a “difference”. Many thousands are spent to hear a difference without regard to whether the “difference” is also an improvement.    Changing the sound of a... 
Confession: I only like Norah Jones because so many others told me to
There are two DK songs that stand out. Not much else IMO.  Haven’t listen to NJ at all. Generally prefer instrumentals. But played Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass earlier today. Forgot how good that was. In any case…   Temptation and Sway   
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
Statements like this one make me chuckle.    “Studio monitors were designed by people that dont understand how sound works”.   This after proclaiming there is no such thing as a studio monitor. And never a word of consideration that an audio en... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
Simply put…buy what you like the looks of and make sure it is absolutely isolated from vibration. If you’re on anything other than a concrete floor consider a solid wall mounted shelf…perfectly level. If you want to agonize over the selection pro... 
Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up
PL Dialogue HP Integrated here. Sublime within 15 minutes of power-up. 4 hours? Sounds like your confirmation bias needs adjustment!  
Been playing with Spotify and Qobuz. SQ on Qobuz is better, but one of the things I enjoy most about streaming is putting in the name of a favorite artist and listening through a playlist of similar artists, many that I’ve never heard of. A great ...