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Digital music questions
Another vote for a BlueSound Node through an external DAC. In my case a Denefrips Pontus ii 12th. Remember, you can spend a large fortune to result in a minuscule change to sound quality. And there’s a difference between “better” sound and “differ... 
Totem Mani-2 vs Devialet Phantoms Gold
Consider a quality sub carefully integrated.   
Simple question, probably stupid
I suspect they’ll sound great fresh out of the box…with potential to improve even further from there with time. Admittedly I’m a bit of a burn-in skeptic anyway. It’s a very convenient way to minimize returns. I won’t mention the brand but was to... 
Duntech Sovereign, Dunlavy IV, V, VI purchase make sense today?
I had SC4’s for many years without a moment of dissatisfaction. In fact I still use Dunlavy speaker cables with my Focal speakers. If the size isn’t an issue and you can find a nice clean pair, I’d say it’s a worthy pursuit.  
Lots of interesting responses. I’ll only add that Mr. Bourne isn’t completely wrong. Lots of $$$ have been burned component swapping for results that don’t exist. I’d also urge caution following those who tie the price tag directly to the improvem... 
Lounge Audio
I like Fertguy’s suggestion. Assuming you’re on the same continent, plan a trip to the area, do some sight seeing and stop in to collect your equipment. Yes, some cost and time involved but perhaps well worth it to retrieve expensive audio equipme... 
Quicksilver V4 tubes
I have a nearly new matched set of KT-150’s sitting on the shelf. Having moved to a much smaller room I actually prefer the smaller EL34’s in my PrimaLuna amp. I believe they’re still available new. Just a bit more costly than they’ve always been.  
Ok, I’ll ask.  Why 16”?  
Weak Link in Vinyl Playback
You likely have no equipment issue at all.  Vinyl as a source material will vary substantially depending on recording and pressing quality.  Before spending money (plenty of those suggestions above), why not acquire a known excellent vinyl recordi... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
Honestly, a vintage receiver or integrated (like Sansui) with an MM phono input could be had for a few hundred. With older used gear it could be done.  
user poll on seperates vs integrated
A voice here in favor of integrated amps. Fewer boxes, less cabling, space efficient and as a sound quality matter…the difference is negligible at best. There are so many external variables (room, power, cables, source, etc) that I believe it’s a ... 
Denafrips Pontus II FPGA firmware upgrade 2023
Have been apprehensive about doing the FW update to my 9 month old P-2 12th. I’ve had no clicking ever and am quite pleased with my system. Not being one to hear half of the nuance you guys do, I think I’ll stick with the old adage…if it ain’t bro... 
Downsizing: Separates>Integrated --PSAudio>Pass Labs
Consider also PrimaLuna. I’ve been running their HP Integrated with 8 TungSol KT-150’s with glorious results into Focal Aria 936’s (with an impedance load that drops to 2.7).  With the KT150’s, about 100 wpc of amazing SQ.    Lots of great sugges... 
Advice on how to liquidate system
As I recall, you asked “how” to liquidate the entire system…not “if” you should liquidate the entire system. Skimmed the responses but didn't see a direct answer (may have missed it).  So, here is one: List it for sale here with a brief explanati... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Really like my 25 year old Dunlavy cables.