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A public service announcement
@noske Another Tom Waits fan. Great little tune (The Piano Has Basn Drinking).   
The Impossible Has Happened
A direct question. Has anyone ever read a review of new equipment in which the reviewer simply disliked the product?  Sound quality far below the sales price, overhyped, chintzy build quality, etc?  Has it ever happened?  
Tube or solid state
My PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Integrated with Genelec 12AU7’s and 8 KT150’s has become my holy grail amp. Having been through countless amps over the years, this setup is Nirvana.  
Tube Preamp --> Solid State Amp
@charles7 As a fellow Aria owner (936), your end-game config caught my eye. I believe your FW-7 is a 25 watt SS amp, give or take. I’ve always been concerned about pairing my 936’s with an amp that can handle their minimum 2.7 ohm impedance…and I ... 
Birthday DAC
@malibu457 Ditto…this Pontus amazes me daily…and not fully broken in. Best $1800 audiobux I’ve ever spent.  
Streaming – Discovering Similar or New Music
@nosualc Didnt read through all of this so apologize if someone already posted this. With Tidal, you can select the Hifi option which provides hi res without MQA. You’ll save $10/month also. FYI.   
When were the best tube amps made?
PrimaLuna comes to mind as a company that has combined the best of modern technology with the best of vacuum tube sound quality. Their autobias has taken the mystery out of maintenance and brought tube rolling to the market for those who would oth... 
Qobuz hell
I also dropped Qobuz. Had nothing to do with SQ, so my streamer selection is irrelevant. The UI was far worse than Tidal and Spotify, so I’ve stuck with those. Finding a selection, an album, a good playlist, etc is a big part of the experience and... 
Is there anything better than live recordings?
Friday Night in San Francisco is among the greatest live recordings ever, and in frequent rotation here. The SQ is excellent but the crowd interaction with 3 of the greatest guitarists on the planet make it even more impactful. And closely behind... 
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
@ghdprentice Is it possible that his existing phono stage may benefit from a better performing table setup? I ask because your suggestion would indicate that you believe his current preamp is “maxed” out and is incapable of sounding better if fed ... 
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
Too bad he didn’t pay $5k for his $700 phononstage. His system would sound so much better to him that way. You guys rock!  
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
@j-wall Once again you seem to read things that are not there. From his original post: “Oh and I'm using a Darlington Labs MP-7 phono preamp that I'm happy with and don't plan on replacing.” How you’ve interpreted that as a request for phono pre... 
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
@j-wall Mr. jaywall, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with your incorrect assumption. What my experience tells me is that a price tag is not an upgrade criteria. Rather, the perceived SQ and enjoyment in your own listening room is far more logic... 
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
No disrespect to others, but kindly disregard the advice of those who suggest that the amount you spend on a component (phononstage) should serve as the reason to replace a phononstage you already enjoy. Having been playing with these toys for 40 ... 
Rolling KT150s in Primaluna hp integrated
Reviving an old thread as I’m considering this very upgrade. I notice many reference buying their KT150’s on eBay. Meanwhile Upscale passionately states that their tubes are somehow blessed with a veritable dose of unobtanium and are well worth th...