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What about 7"45's anybody still listen to them?
I Have about 8000 now , used to be triple that but that's a story for another day. Used to have 2 Phillips 212 tt then 2 312's into a sansui 717 with a double stack of advents. Heaven 
Your favourite cartridge
I loved my hotrod denon 103r wood body shibata tip,not the most in all areas but set n forget . I miss it. 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
Things you should know is HOW to ship. First it must be crated properly even if its in one. You then need a fowarder to handle the shipment make sure they do residential delivers. Insured is a must that's it. Foward air is everywhere check them out . 
the greatest pop song ever?
Hodu I think you may be right on both accounts. 
Filling a 6600 Cu. ft. room
Zu def's maybe 2 prs. Wired 4 sound 4 ch. amp 
XTC Remasters
I guess with the lp remaster 2x45 set you have to rethink how good the mofi release really is. This set should be in everyones stocking this year 
Full-range/horn loaded on a budget?
listen i'd wait for the zu omen def's. at $1800 Sean say better than the druids an a mini method so that tells me alot . free shipping money back 60 day , do the math , McFly 
Under the Radar 70s UK punk.....
Undertones,buzzcocks,the dammed 
Which SACD sound better than Vinyl
None that's the answer 
Sinatra suggestions
listen frank is the best all the capitol stuff is what dreams are made of some slow some more upbeat get the cap. box should be able to find for about $50-60 the small box not the larger first issue. frank and ella sets are a must they r THE BEST.... 
SS amp - which one ???
mccormack 125 is killer amy mccormack is good, also the linn amps sound great and pretty cheap too. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Johnny Cash
listen him sing "redemption song " with the other great joe strummer if you want to cry. this might be the best cover of bob ever. 
Cd or SACD with reference quality imaging
kraftwerk m/m and talk talk both big bucks 
Johnny Cash
to me johnny is a god. r. ruben unleashed an inner soul let him do whatever he wanted.the american recordings may be his best work.saw john at the planting fields just him and his guitar.that nite i saw my higher power.this man made a mark on my l...