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Best all around speakers
My vote is for a design incorporating Open Baffel and Waveguide (horn). Having +/- 400 hrs on a pair of Emerald Physics CS-2's, I can honestly say I have not heard a more accurate, revealing, live-sounding, and dynamic pair of speakers.The open ba... 
Help needed: speakers for desktop
I have used a small (the smallest,I don't remember the model name/number) pair of Opera speakers for just what you are talking about. They were wonderful in the mids & highs, but you will need a sub if you want to move the pencils around on yo... 
power conditioner with off switch
Add APS to your list of power conditioners to look at. They also have battery back-up that allows you to shut down the system in case of a failure of the main supply. 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
Signed-up 3/15/02 
Showdown: Your Favorite Cart for Classical?
Clearaudio Discovery 
first vinyl purchase for new tt
"Riding With the King", BB King & Eric Clapton."Supersession", Michael Bloomfield, Steven Stills, Al Kooper.Both have fantastic guitar work. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Nothing, the power has been off for two days. Withdrawl symptoms getting close to DT level. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Michael Bloomfield 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
A total of 5; Garrard, Onkyo, Rega P-25, Thorens, and for now a Teres 265. 
What Vinyl quality should I be using?
Nick:I got back into vinyl about 6-7 years ago and here is the path I followed, and some recommendations.TT: I started with a Rega-25, found an old but mint Thorens, and ended with a Teres 265. What I have concluded from that journey is (your expe... 
Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green
Michael Bloomfield, dead or alive. 
Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please
Thanks for laughing, I was/am trying to use humor, probably to avoid conflict, maybe just because most of the discussions in this and other forums strike me as humorous. With all of the big brains out there you would think there would be one speak... 
Can you Listen to Vinyl Casually??
I have the same problem and I agree with Seasoned; vinyl is more involving. I have spent a ton of money on digital and it just doesn't stack-up (stack-up, records, get it?).I have gotten close like Nrostrov, but at the end of the day CD's are for ... 
Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please
Again, thank you all for your responses.I have no intention of starting a flame war or anything of that ilk.Regarding the talons I own, and many of the other brands mentioned above, I have not heard any speaker at multiples of their price (+/- $3,... 
Angling speakers up instead of high stands
My experience is that ear level or a bit higher is the best, and the heavier more solid the stand the better.I tried the maple shade stands, refered to above, with over all lousy results. Soundstage was esentially gone, imaging - gone, detail - go...