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JM Lab: Utopia Diva Be, 937 Be or new 1027 Be?
The new 1027 has the best p-v-s ,almmost a Diva but at half the costs. 
Lavardin IT or Jadis DA50 Signature?
Take the Lavardin and get your hands on a pair of Living Voice OBX ,a combo loved by many. 
Utopia Micros + Sub vs. Utopia Divas vs. Merlin
In a German audio magazine the Diva bettered the Micro BE + Utopia sub , but do try the Diva at home.The Diva seems to be very roomdependend ,in the right room it`s very very good. 
Von Schweikert VR-4sr MKII or Wilson Sophia
If you want to keep your Nuforce ,look at audiocircle for advice.They have a huge section only for Nuforce. 
Best MONITORS availables
How does the Avalon Monitor compare to these speakers? 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Dynaudio Consequence with the Arbiter Amps , and the B&W Nautilus. 
Thiel 1.6 vs. 2.4 vs. 3.6 using NAD c372
The 3.6 offered on Audiogon are much older than the 1.6 :usualy between 5 and 15 years old , the 1.6 are less then 5 years old.That`s why they are offered in the same pricerange. 
Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
The Tact Millenium MK2. Forget the rest :-)ps. it`s also one off the most expensive integr. amp ,but you can buy second hand for 2500-3500usd. 
DK Design Review
2 points:1 . why comparing the amps with a 1000usd speaker if he has also a 12000usd speaker standing next to it?2 . calling a 3200usd amp "a extraordinary value" , while the 1500usd amp sound better..........I don`t understand the guy (reviewer). 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Started with a Renault 5 , followed by the Honda crx with 3 times more horsepower!!The Honda gave me a lot of problems and I will never buy a used Honda anymore.In 2000 got my hands on a half-year old Subaru Impreza GT Turbo , 230 HP ,FWD and amaz... 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
Nice to hear from you guys, that you are enjoying the Hyperions!Hyperion Sound has launched some new models like the 968.Anybody heard them? 
Center channel for Hyperion 938
The center is available.See Hyperionsound.com 
Best Concert Film
Strange that nobody mentioned Live Aid(1985).Poor sound and picture quality , but the atmosphere is incredible.Especially the performance of Queen and U2. 
Best movies last two years
Lord of the Rings part 3 :-) 
YBA Passion Integrated or ML 383
Aball, my french is very poor, that`s why I follow mainly the British ,Dutch and German audiopress.And they consider the ML as one off the best integrated on the market.BTW. recently I took another road and bought the TacT Millennium MK2 ,it has b...