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Best Integrated Amp, Price no obstacle?
TacT Millennium MK3. 
DK Design VS- Reference vs Signature
Hello Larry,I am currently owning the MK2 and am very happy with the sound.I have the chance to buy the Tact Millenium MK2 for a very good price.I don`t have the chance to demo it,did you ever heard the Tact? 
Tact Millenium MK2
Millenium,how much is the MK3 upgrade and the "Upgrade Company" upgrade?Do you think that the Sony XA50ES is a fine Transport?Thanks. 
Tact Millenium MK2
Thanks guys for your responces.Does it matter which CD transport is used?Tact usually demonstrate with a cheap NAD 514 with Clock-Gate modification.I read that the Clock Gate mod improves the sound even more.If you take a more solid transport like... 
DK Design Group X-Dream - wow
Tvad, how much cost and afford do you think it would have been to ship and place the speakers( 800lbs + box) in the reviewers appartment?This solutions was the best and that Mr. Kesin personally helped the reviewer showes his commitment. 
Hyperion HPS 938 vs Thiel cs2.4
Hi Dracule1, thanks for your comments.The Hyperions are really excellent speakers(I am still using the DK Design).I heard the Thiel cs1.6 a few months ago and liked the tight bass and the sparkling highs and the sharp imaging.Heard a lot about the... 
Hyperion HPS 938 vs Thiel cs2.4
The Thiel cs2.4 are excellent speakers ,but did you heard the Hyperions? 
Avalon Symbol surround set
Does nobody in the US heard the Avalon Symbol? 
YBA Passion Integrated or ML 383
THanks for your thoughts guys!I own several amp ,at this moment I am using the 47 LAb Gaincard, very nice but not the most dynamic one, but very natural sounding.I hear a lot of good things about the YBA, the ML 383 is in Europe the benchmark for ... 
What`s with the Hyperion HPS 938
On another thread I read that production in China is causing problems with the quality.Perhaps some speakers went on the market with productionfaults. 
Straight Wire Rhapsody 2 .
THanks Onemug , for your advise. 
Straight Wire Rhapsody 2 .
Well I can answer my own qeustion.The print is (barely) visible. 
DK Design Group VS-1 what powercord/ic are using?
Anybody tried a computerpowercord?I got mine VS1 with a US powercord , I live in Holland so couldn`t use it.DK Design advised me to use the comp. pc.Chen 
Your First System
My first own system was Sansui miniset , when I went to sleep I put both speaker next to my ears .THe sound was pretty good a that distance...A few years later , about 1996, I bought a complete set from Sherwood,the Opus 7 ,in gorgeous champagne c... 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
Katie Melua ,she sounds completing different.Just fall in love with her voice.And she doesn`t look bad either...