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Ceramic Coated Woofers
No , they haven`t been cleaned.The brown discolor is on the woofer ,near the rubber all around. 
Audio Physic speakers: where on the value scale?
The older models , pre 2000 , are the most musical.I have heard the Step, Spark 2, Virgo 2,Tempo 3, Tempo 3i, Tempo 3JE.The first three belong to the older generation and are classics, still great value bought secondhand.I however liked the Tempo ... 
Best Integrated Amp Of All Times?
Tact Millenium MK2, no competition. 
Linn Classik Movie, dvd problem
Well, I cleaned the lens , dvd`s work again!Thanks bday! 
Linn Classik Movie, dvd problem
Not yet, but if the lens is dirty why does it takes music cd`s? 
Review: Hyperion 938 Speaker
Paul,excellent review!As you are using the Audio Zone Pre T1, did you had the chance to listen the 938 with the AZ AMP-1 ? Chen 
Kharma Mini or Avalon Eidolon diamond
Hi Frank,nice to hear you have Dutch blood in your veins :-)!I know that the bigger Avalons are better than the Symbols , would love to own the Opus or Eidolon ,one day... Read about the Ayon but never heard it, will keep it in my mind.Thanks.Best... 
Avalon NP speakers
Got a responce on Stereophile reader,"no competition, better in every way".If thats trough ,NP did a great job, offering a better speaker for less cash.Also read that the new tweeter is the same used in the Symbol and the Ascendant and according t... 
Eidolon or Eclipse Classic
Thanks for your comments.William,It`s the original Eidolon ( not the Vison or Diamond), 3 years old. 
Kharma Mini or Avalon Eidolon diamond
Frank,I know several people who own the Symbol and they are very happy with them.On a audioclubmeeting wth about 20 persons, a setup wth Ayre/NBS and Symbol amazed the crowd.If you can read dutch , here is the link http://www.audioforum.be/modules... 
Kharma Mini or Avalon Eidolon diamond
I only have heard the Symbol, but now way the sound is behind the speakers.With some cd, its like you`re listening surround. 
The Best Live album
Bryan Adams "MTV Unplugged". 
Avalon NP speakers
Saxxman,do you have new Evolution NP`s?Did you compare them to the old ones or the Avalon Symbol?I found another review from Hifi+ ,also very positive.And Hi-fi News has awarded the NP2 with "best loudspeaker up to 2000pounds. 
Avalon NP speakers
Thanks Elberoth for your comments.(I made a mistake, the review wasn`t in the Hifi-Choice but Hifi News.) 
"Absolute best" used speaker for $8-10K
Thiel 7.2 , at the Munich Audio show, the audience liked them more than the WA Alexandria and JM Lab Grande Utopia BE.All speakers were in the same room/equipment.