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The best integrated amp
Hello, SpeedfreakThanks, I read all the threads about the DK Design.Actually I just orded one!!But the Sharp still stay in my head.It`s a digital amp that cost 4 years ago about 15000usd, but I found one for about 3000usd!! NEW!!The sm sx was a st... 
Anyone heard of DK design group?
Hello, Telescope tradeI also have the HPS 938 and am interested in the DK.Do you use biwire or single? And what speakercable do you have?Thanks from Holland 
Benchmark DAC1 auditions out there? latest model
Try also the Apogee Mini DAC.According to different reviewers ,here in Holland, the Apogee is better than the Benchmark .The Apogee brings more emotion/life in the music. 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
Dracule 1, THe Audio Zone AMP-1 is a gainclone.Both are chipamps , but 47lab Gaincard started the hype , thats why the rest are called gainclones(I think).About the DAC`s ,it`s a difficult choice.The Benchmark got great reviews in US , but some pe... 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
Thanks Dracule 1, my system at this moment: Sony XA 50es used as transport, Monarchy Audio DIP 48/96 Upsampler , Apogee Mini DAc ,, 47 Lab Gaincard , cables are Van den Hul The First Ultimate and 47 lab speakercable. They sound great with my Audio... 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
Just ordered the HPS 938, can`t waith to have it in my room. 
Review: Studio Accoustics Hyperion 938 Speaker
Hello, JohnDid you listen to all the speakers you mentioned?Chen 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938
Dracule 1,Did you do some experimenting with the wiring options?THe 938 can be single ,bi- ,or tri-wired.Did anyone had the chance to compare them with the Wilson Watt 7 or Von Schweikert vr 4jr?Greetings from Holland