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How a nickel can make a valuable improvement
Put those nickels in the freezer for 24 hours and try them again. 
headphones-amp combination
I've owned Stax- latest versions, and liked them a lot. I found the Audeze to be very " electrostatic sounding " in some areas, but with a low end definition and tonal clarity I've heard nowhere else. So, for the record, I don't hate Stax. I just ... 
Need Mac Mini Server set up advice
Amarra is very good, but considerably more expensive than Pure Music. I would sample both before making your software purchase. 
Rolling Stone Mag 100 Greatest Guitarists
It's Rolling Stone- a prime example of something that's outlived it's usefulness. I would just ignore them if I were you :) 
A Dios Fatparrot
I corresponded with Fatparrot numerous times. I'm sorry to hear the news. 
headphones-amp combination
+1 on Jax2's advice. 
Where's Slappy Been Lately ???
Slappy- it's a miracle! You're back!Okay, now make me laugh my ass off like you used to every week or two!How's the car? What's going on with women? How's your system? 
Best cover songs?
Stairway to Gilligan's Island is another fave- available on youtube. 
dac advice
Centrance DacMini is great, as is the Burson Audio DA-160. 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I've been on the site for a pretty long time. We've lost some members ( Lugnut comes to mind) due to death or illness; we also had some folks announce they were tired of the site and quit, and we've had some dudes just disappear. I think the hobby... 
Which DAC w/ More Top to Bottom Extension?
In addition to the excellent suggestion from Nonoise, I recommend the Burson DA160. Really an outstanding unit in my system. 
Tubed Universal CD Players?
I highly recommend one of the modded Exemplar units. Reliable, beautiful sound, and you can score them used on the 'Gon at bargain prices. 
How Long Ago Since You Cried Listening To Music?
Last week- Yo Yo Ma playing Morricone, last 2 cuts on the album- gets me every time.Oh, as for Tp reaves' comment- you're kidding right? Music possesses emotive power- a fact recognized by nearly every culture. Lighten up..or better still, listen ... 
Dusting tube amp
I notice Elizabeth has wisely declined to jump in! 
Do powercords make a difference in sound?
I never give the standard slap down of " search the archives", but I'm tempted to here. This thread is just the latest in a long line of incendiary conversations about power cords. Though I'm sure you're hopeful, I am certain you will not uncover ...